Take a look at our list of app recommendations for the modern business traveler

Your invitees are confirmed, speakers are booked, venues are arranged. It time to engage a bit with your attendees and provide them with useful information on the event website. What about a list of mobile apps that they can use before, during and after the meeting. To ease your job, AZAVISTA has made a list for you. Here are some nice suggestions with essential and funny mobile apps that you can recommend to your attendees. 

1. Travel Butler

Travel Butler is primarily a packing list app based on the weather forecast which generates items you need to bring and the quantity accordingly. The packing list includes several categories: clothing, documents, electronics, essentials and sports. With this app you”ll never forget your chargers, your laser pinpointer or even your socks. Do not forget to specify the purpose of the trip (vacation or business). 

2. Flight+

It is the ultimate flight-tracking app that helps rushed business travelers. Flight+ puts all the info you need for a business trip—including personalized alerts for departure and gate changes—in an easy-to-navigate tabbed layout.

3. TripAdvisor Offline Maps

It enables users to download maps and reviews when they have a data connection and then to view them offline to avoid roaming charges. This is similar to TripAdvisor’s City Guides, which are also viewable offline.  The feature includes more than 300 city maps. A word of warning: file sizes can be rather large if the city has a great number of listings.

4. Urbanspoon

Want to try a specific, local cuisine and do not know where to go? Try Urbanspoon app. It gives you a large list of smaller local businesses that other apps often miss. The app also allows you to share and compare your reviews with friends. To augment its ratings and reviews, Urbanspoon also integrates reviews from newspapers and food blogs.

5. Presentain

Do you have to present reports or maybe your new sale strategy in an engaging way? You can do it with Presentain app. If being behind a computer and changing slides from the keyboard is old to you, then use Presentain. This app turns your mobile into a clicker and recorder and it helps you to engage your audience with funny polls. With this app, you can include videos into your presentations, run polls while you present and make your sessions interactive. At the end, you can also view your stats, for instance who engaged with your presentation.

6. Evernote

It provides you one place to store all those email confirmations, reviews and packing lists. It is the best note-taking and organizational app you’ll find. In brief, Evernote has a text editor, photo upload tool, and voice recording device, and you can use any of these core components separately or in combination, to upload content to your account. The program saves all your thoughts, notes, recipes, photos—whatever you upload, so that you can get to them from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or really anywhere you have an Internet connection.

7. Doodle

Doodle is the scheduling solution that can free you from the tedious email threads. Identify a few potential windows for the call or meeting you’re trying to schedule, and ask everyone who needs to be there to identify all the times that could work for them. Doodle makes it easy to spot the time slot that works for all of them.

8. Time Zone Converter

Time Zone Converter consists of a huge database of cities for time zone conversion. Just search and add a city to compare the local time zone with the selected city time zone. It might be useful if you need to schedule overseas conference calls, webinars and phone calls.

9. Weather channel

This app tells you what to ­expect hourly throughout the day as well as for the next ten days. You can use it to ­determine when to go to museums (on rainy days), landmarks or to meetings that are outside of your hotel.

10. Full contact

What is the best way to manage your contacts? Have you ever thought of a business card reader? Full contact app keeps all the contacts in one place. It lets you scan business cards and add them directly to your contact list. You can also import your computer .CSV contact list file and upload it directly to the website. It’s easy, efficient and modern.

Final thoughts

The need for technology in the event space has become more important than ever. Using tech solutions allows you to enhance your events, engage with your participants and simplify communication. It also makes the job of event planners more playful, more interactive, more challenging. Apart from mobile apps that clearly provide added value to your attendees, make sure you as a planner are using a complete event management solution to take your events to the next level.