As event planners we are all aware just how important an event website is to the success of our event. For this reason we at Azavista have compiled a short list of 11 must-haves on your event website to help you incorporate all the magic required to make a great event website. Let us know if you have some secret event website tricks up your sleeve – we never stop learning!

For some more tips, check out Event Manager Blog’s cool infographic here.

#1 Make it a Single-Page Site

The quicker and easier it is for your guests to find information – the happier they will be to be on your site (read: willing to attend your event). Just remember to structure your page content well!

#2 Make the Details Easy to Find

This is the most important information to your guests. Make sure that this info stands out clearly!

#3 Use Clear CTA’s

If you want your prospective guests to register for your event make sure that they know that. Use a clearly visible button to get their attention and prompt them to register for your event.

#4 K.I.S.S.

Ensure that your website is simple and easy to use on any device. Many planners often forget to make a mobile-responsive event website – don’t be that planner. Apply the KISS rule – Keep it simple!

#5 Integrate It With Social Media

If you want people to attend your event make sure that you find them in their preferred ‘online environment’. Talk to them where and how they like best – and be sure to enable them to share your content there as well!

#6 Let Your Speakers & VIPs Stand Out

A lot of the times people go to an event because they’re interested in the content – if you have an interesting speaker or VIPs make sure to show them off a little. A little extra attention here can make all the difference.

#7 Include a Complete & Simple Agenda

Make sure to present your event schedule clearly and include all the necessary information on your event website. Not too much, not too little… just enough.

#8 Use (a few) Good Visuals

We often underestimate the power of good visuals. Get your prospective guests excited about your event – make them feel like they simply have to be at your event. Post some pictures or videos from a previous event – this little bit extra can make quite the difference!

#9 Share Updates Building Up to Your Event

Build up the tension to your event and get your guests excited about what lies ahead. Give away teasers of activities that will take place at your event via social media – give them something to look forward to!

#10 Include a Clear & Simple Venue Map

This is the most important bit of content on your website!! Make sure your guests know where to go and when to be there. Don’t let your guests get confused or lost because you were to lazy to make a map of your venue.. Or just use a nifty mobile event app

#11 Allow (prospective) Guests to Contact You

Opening a dialogue with your guests ensures that you are able to continuously improve your events. Welcome feedback and suggestions with open arms – not only does this build a good relationship but also equips you with the insights to throw kick-ass events in the future!

Happy Planning!