Planning successful events is always tricky business, but there are certain essential elements that, if done wrong, can lead to very unhappy guests. Taking into consideration the value a good event can add to your business, we at Azavista have come up with 15 event fails attendees hate. These are real no-no’s to bear in mind while planning or hosting your next event. Good Luck and Happy Planning!

# 1 Dull presentations

No one likes having to look at a boring PowerPoint presentation slide full of text – keep it short, sweet and simple.

# 2 No internet

The Internet is everywhere – make sure you equip your attendees with the tools they need to get connected!

# 3 Needing to print an event schedule

We’re living in the age of technology, where a basic event app is a smart and engaging alternative.

# 4 Cold tea or coffee

After sitting through presentations and networking all day – a nice hot beverage can make all the difference.

# 5 Not knowing the social media channels

Social media has become an integral part of business – be sure that your audience knows where to go and what to do. Don’t overwhelm them by using ALL of the known social media channels – sometimes, less is more.

 # 6 Bad sound quality

Nothing is more exhausting than having to sit through an hour-long speech or presentation while struggling to hear what the presenter is saying.

# 7 Crappy chairs

Not too hard, not too soft…just right. Your attendees’ comfort is key to the success of your event.

# 8 Overusing technology

We get it, you want to host a modern and tech- savvy event – just don’t overdo it and know which tools your audience uses and engage with them there (and only there).

# 9 Boring food

The food you serve at your event is a good way to be remembered and talked about. Think it through and bear in mind that satisfied guests are the way to go.

# 10 Not considering people with disabilities

This requires no further explanation..

# 11 On-site registration

There are a multitude of registration tools that you can invest in to avoid wasting your time as well as your attendees’ time during your event – keep things simple.

# 12 Not enough mic runners

It’s already awkward having to speak in front of a bunch of people you don’t know – don’t make it worse by having your attendees wait anxiously to get their questions heard.

# 13 Alcohol, alcohol everywhere..

When all else fails – alcohol is a good entertainment solution. Right? No, wrong. There are much more exciting ways to entertain your guests – just be creative!

# 14 Bad climate control

Whether it’s too much A/C or simply not enough – it’s your responsibility to make your attendees feel comfortable while they’re at your event. Something as small as temperature can make all the difference.

# 15 Not protecting your attendee data

Nothing is worse than sharing your contact information with an organisation and then receiving multiple, spammy emails that you didn’t sign up for – it is your responsibility to take care of your attendees – even after your event is over.


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