Event ROI. From design to measurement

by admin • October 24, 2013

Tools and Techniques for achieving Event ROI Events and meetings are most frequently viewed as an investment for a given purpose, and event planners should take multiple factors into account when measuring the Event ROI and value of their projects. In the past, elements like budget, attendance and guest satisfaction were key indicators; now however […]

Sustainable Meetings and Events

by admin • October 23, 2013

Sustainable meetings and eventsGreen practices have become more and more popular as time passes. Similar to most changes, their prevalence presents both risks and opportunities for businesses. Risk in the form of a dilemma that can be summed up as either adapt at a cost or become uncompetitive, matched with benefits in the form of […]

Tips when hiring a professional inspirational speaker for your event

by admin • October 22, 2013

Tips when hiring a professional inspirational speaker for your event One of the most important, if not the most important factor for the success of your event, is selecting the appropriate speaker. However, hiring a professional inspirational speaker can be disorienting. The process can be a bit unclear, and the fear of making mistakes pretty […]

Top Presentation Tools for Events

by admin • October 15, 2013

I think we have all been in a presentation where we are struggling to keep focused and the only thing we can think of is where to go for our next holiday. Each slide is busier than the front cover of a newspaper, images and colors have been abused, and the presenter, even though 58 […]

Azavista releases survey results on Event ROI, industry challenges and technology penetration

by admin • October 14, 2013

Azavista, the first data driven group travel and event planning solution, surveyed 400 event planners from agencies and enterprises around the world. The goal of the survey was to identify the key problems event planners face, as well as the correlation between these challenges and the measurement of Event Return on Investment and the use of technology tools.  […]

Event Management: 6 Cost Cutting Targets

by admin • October 10, 2013

Event budgets are getting slimmer by the day but expectations are still sky high. At Azavista, we put together a few suggestions on how you can start trimming your costs, without impacting the overall quality of your event. Welcome drink The days of serving chilled Kir Royale as a luxurious welcome at the door are […]

Negotiating with Hotels

by admin • October 7, 2013

An essential characteristic in order to persuade someone toward your benefit, is to be or at least to appear knowledgeable around the subject. If you just know one side of the story, chances are your arguments will be full of deficiencies and easily challenged. So, before negotiating with hotels, do your homework. Find out what […]