6 tips for travel agencies to remain viable

by admin • April 29, 2014

Best practices for travel agencies To have clients means to be visible, to be found and to be trusted. You already know that, but what strategy do you have to make your business work and remain relevant ? With these changes happening in the online booking world, it’s important to be up to date and […]

Promoting your Event On LinkedIn

by admin • April 22, 2014

Ever wondered how promoting your event on LinkedIn can help you boost attendance and awareness? Check out these 5 tips! LinkedIn is a social network with over 259 million users across 200 countries that are interested in networking as well as learning more about their specific industry. The website is rife with people who seek […]

Why gamification is important for events

by admin • April 15, 2014

Anyone in search of a way to liven up a conference or event should consider “gamification”. Events, conferences and large scale meetings are often characterized by the words stale, sterilized and boring. There’s typically a preordained speech given by a presenter that might be followed up by a period of questions and answers. There’s little […]

8 things every travel agency should do to boost business

by admin • April 1, 2014

The internet has now provided the modern consumer with a gateway to quickly and easily get information about a destination, and independently book all elements of a trip online. Every travel agency  nowadays has to do a lot more than they used to, in order to provide value added services and stand out from the […]