Destination spotlight: Stuttgart Convention Bureau

by admin • June 27, 2014

“The conference sector has succeeded in emancipating itself from the tourism industry. It responds with new qualifications and competences to the constantly changing demands of its clients” Anne Demuth is the Head of the Stuttgart Convention Bureau.  Stuttgart is one of Europe’s most successful centres of business and technical innovation, and the Convention Bureau benefits […]

Group Flight Reservations: Trends, challenges and technology recommendations

by admin • June 25, 2014

Price, flexibility and complex processes, the main hurdles for group flight reservations Azavista releases its survey and industry report “Group Flight Reservations: Trends, Challenges and Recommendations” Amsterdam, 1 April, 2014 – The airline industry should improve its procedures and processes for group reservations, reveals a survey conducted by Azavista, the first data driven group travel and […]

Meeting venues have to prove their value in multiple ways

by admin • June 23, 2014

“The least expensive meeting venue does not guarantee that you are selected. You have to prove your value in other ways” Daniella Middleton is a destination marketing and business development professional living in New York serving as the MICE Division Director for Development Counselors International (DCI). Azavista interviewed her about DCI’s new study entitled  “Exploring the […]

Tax Deduction: Incentive travel or corporate meetings?

by admin • June 16, 2014

What you should choose, in order to avoid headaches when you deduct your expenses The European law has substantially reduced deductions and created limitations on incentive travel and corporate meetings. While incentive travel is usually conducted merely for entertainment rather than educational purposes, the days of pure incentive travel are gone, according to the Travel […]

Supplier spotlight: Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

by admin • June 13, 2014

“Be honest and open about what you want, what budget restrictions you have and aim for a win-win for both parties” Mr. Kees Hogetoorn, Director of Sales & Marketing at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam tells us what corporate planners should do to have an efficient working relationship with hotels. In his view, the best […]

Supplier spotlight: Marriott Hotels of Brussels

by admin • June 6, 2014

“Stop sending out multiple non-qualified requests to a wide group of hotels. Rather take the time to research with the end client the precise requirements for each of the meetings”. To improve the relationship between hotels and event professionals, Azavista spoke with Pierre Dorrell, Market Director of Sales and Marketing at Marriott Hotels of Brussels […]

You messed up. It happens. Now, how do you fix mistakes?

by admin • June 4, 2014

Let’s see how do you fix mistakes. Making a mistake while managing an event has happened to all of us. Its up to you though to take responsibility and do your best to provide the winning solution. Event management is a profession that combines creativity, charisma with great organizational and time management skills. However, even those […]