Event email marketing is not dying. It is changing.

by admin • July 31, 2014

When used smart, event email marketing is an effective and cost effective way to approach your target clients, create awareness and generate leads. Event Email marketing is a great way to ensure that you are staying in contact with your customers while keeping costs low. The online marketing landscape is continuously changing and best practices […]

Effective business meetings: The benefits of stand-ups

by admin • July 23, 2014

Do you really need to sit down at meetings? Business meetings can be more effective when people stand up. Psychologists have found that stand-up meetings take less time and can be more productive as when we sit down. ‘When we sit down we tend to relax and we are not so bothered about clock watching […]

Tips for a successful conference. Check out this list!

by admin • July 15, 2014

A recipe for a successful conference Conferences are what you make of them. These events can be engaging or boring, depending on your focus and networking skills. Check these tips for a successful conference. With some good research and a willingness to collaborate you can get great results out of them. People gather at conferences […]

How to organize events in Malta?

by admin • July 11, 2014

Have you ever wondered how to organize events in Malta? Organising a MICE event in Malta is becoming increasingly interesting: Malta is a destination with a high “feel good factor”. An event to this destination will definitely have a positive effect. After a successful career in catering and logistics in Belgium, Paul moved to Malta […]

How to create a killer content marketing strategy for your events

by admin • July 9, 2014

How to develop a content marketing strategy for your events: Tactics and ideas Let’s face it. If you want executives to attend your event, the content marketing strategy you present has to be best-of-breed. Developing the right content for your conference can make the difference between ‘Yes, I will attend’ and ‘Yes, I will send […]

Destination spotlight: Florence Convention Bureau

by admin • July 4, 2014

Florence Convention bureau: “National public institutions should give more support to private companies and help them in relaunching the meeting industry”. After an exciting career in the event organization as marketing director of an important Italian DMC, Carlotta Ferrari started to work for Florence Convention Bureau in 2010 as a congress developer. After almost one […]