6 Things Planners Need to Stop Doing in 2015

by admin • July 23, 2015

After a while we all get ‘stuck in our ways’ – and occasionally it’s a good idea to revamp your event planning process to ensure its continued improvement and efficiency. After all, we want to get the best event planned in the best way possible. Of course, though, we all take short-cuts here and there while […]

5 Apps That Will Make Your Event Planning Easier (and more Awesome)

by admin • July 15, 2015

We are all guilty of looking for the latest apps that can help make us more organised, more productive, more efficient, or more in ‘control’ of our work. I am especially guilty of this, since I’m always looking for new apps to share and to use myself. Unfortunately I often come across apps that at […]

11 Must-Haves On Your Event Website

by admin • July 8, 2015

As event planners we are all aware just how important an event website is to the success of our event. For this reason we at Azavista have compiled a short list of 11 must-haves on your event website to help you incorporate all the magic required to make a great event website. Let us know if you […]