We sometimes forget just how important our event attendees are to us. Not only in terms of event success but also what they can add to our business as a whole. I mean, events are a pretty big deal.. We plan hard to make sure that our events are successful and result in a decent ROI (and maybe a pat on the back from our bosses).

It’s not unreasonable to expect great things to come from your event. So then, just how do we get the most out of our event? How can we boost our events’ success? We at Azavista have done some research and got inspired… Now we’d like to share 3 things that will make your event better and help you get to make the most of your event.

Facilitate Networking

Your event is a great place for attendees to learn and connect with like-minded individuals whilst having fun! By incorporating a few networking games (activities) you have the opportunity to create an open and somewhat informal atmosphere – and possibly something to be remembered! After all, the importance of engagement at an event is something we are all familiar with and by facilitating networking opportunities, your event can only be a win-win!

Also, if you’ve got a good sense of humor and are looking for a nice tip on how to improve the appeal of your name tags/badges; make sure that they’re interesting and legible (also from a distance). Ask your attendees a silly question and ask them to note down their answers on their name badge – this would be a great conversation starter and also set the tone for the rest of your event. Just use your imagination – anything goes!

Get Visual

According to research, around 65% of people are visual learners. This means, that incorporating visuals into your event will not only be more effective at teaching your attendees something, but it also has the power to make content much more inspiring and exciting – I mean who doesn’t enjoy something that looks good?

Visual cues have great power and can trigger emotions in a very real way. This is certainly knowledge that all event planners can benefit from – after all, you have the chance to make your attendees feel excited and euphoric about your event… you just need to use the right visuals. 

Creating a wall of quotes or inspirational images is a great way to engage your attendees and gives you the opportunity to create a powerful memory for your guests, while also creating chances to interact. If that’s not your ‘thing’, I suggest you find alternative options such as funny YouTube videos or live/visual trivia for events. These options can be a nice distraction from the other (possibly serious) content or activities planned during your event. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the power of getting visual, take a look at Sh!ft’s research-based article here.

Think Outside the Box

I just have 5 words to share: No. More. Boring. Q&A. Sessions.

I mean, how many of us have attended an event where almost the entire Q&A was dominated by two or three opinionated individuals whose only objective was to share their thoughts with the audience. Please don’t get me wrong, I can definitely see how a Q&A session can increase engagement and create a potentially ‘open’ environment. Sadly, though, I have sat through some (read: plenty) gut-wrenching Q&A sessions.. BUT! Since we’re living in an age where anything is possible, I’m sure we can come up with alternatives to the traditional Q&A.

Try using social media to get the conversation going… Have a forum or page on your event website where your attendees can communicate with each other. Better yet, use that amazing event app of yours to get the convo going. Try an ‘unconference’ or a participant-driven where your attendees can create sessions on the spot. For some more interesting ideas take a look at Cyriel’s list of Ways to Boost your Event.


Though I’ve only listed 3 themes on how you can make the most of your event, there are so many more exciting ways to host a kick-ass event. If you take the time to hold a few brainstorming sessions with your team, I’m certain that you’ll come up with some seriously cool ideas for your next event. I personally believe that the “ what about the budget” is a lame excuse for a mediocre event – it’s important to remember that you really are only limited by your own creativity.

If you’re interested in some more ideas take a look at Kapow Event’s list of Ways to Engage Event Attendees or please do share your own!

Sharing is caring after all 😉

Happy Planning!