We are all guilty of looking for the latest apps that can help make us more organised, more productive, more efficient, or more in ‘control’ of our work. I am especially guilty of this, since I’m always looking for new apps to share and to use myself. Unfortunately I often come across apps that at first glance seems revolutionary, but then after using it once or twice become uninteresting to me. For that reason we at Azavista have tried to come up with a short list of 5 apps that will make your event planning easier (and more awesome!). These are some of my favourites that I believe can add something to your event planning process, but if you’ve got some cool ones I missed out on – please do share them with me!

Happy Planning 🙂 

#1 Mention

I simply adore this app! Mention sends you emails keeping you informed on which of your content is being shared over the internet. This has enabled me to get some insights into which content what my audience enjoys sharing and content I could create in the future that they’d find interesting as well.

The best feature? It rates the level of influence of media content! This totally helps you prioritise your social actions – only see what’s worth seeing!

#2 Owler

Stay on top of your game by monitoring your competitors’ activities (online and offline). With Owler you can monitor what your competitors posts and what’s happening ‘on the other side’. With this app you can stay up to date and track the most important updates from any company – it’s truly magical..

The best part about it? It’s free! Nothing to lose here..

#3 Pixlr

My personal favourite when it comes to graphic design apps. Pixlr is an online graphic design app which is easy to use and with Photoshop-quality results. There are also two versions of Pixlr that you can choose from: Express or Editor – it all just depends on your technical knowledge and preferences.

The best part here is that you can use this app from your desktop, mobile or web browser – the possibilities are really endless.

#4 Qzzr

As the name might suggest, Qzzr is a quiz creation app. Though that sounds like a boring app, Qzzr really allows you to create some visually appealing quizzes with the opportunity to classify your quiz-takers in a “what type of event planner are you” format. The focus is very much on the design of your quiz and you have a lot of room for creativity.

My thoughts? It’s a great app and you can really have a fun with it by making appealing quizzes and share your playful side with your event guests.

#5 Wistia

This is one of the coolest apps I have used. Wistia is an online video hosting app that allows you to gather some serious viewer analytics. Using this you can learn a lot about your audience and the effectiveness of your content. We use this for some of our product videos and just knowing how much of the videos our viewers watch is vital since we strive to continuously improve our content.

You could definitely test some of your event videos to see which your audience prefer and focus on creating similar ones to increase attendance to your events, for example.


#6 TaskCheck

We have recently designed our very own free to use task management tool, TaskCheck. You can create as many events as you like and manage and track all the event tasks to be completed. You can also invite your colleagues and collaborate on events and see who’s responsible for doing what and by which date. Above all it’s super easy to use and from one app-lover to another – it’s worth taking a look at!