As time passes it is not uncommon that we develop bad habits. At times though, we might be unaware that we have fallen victim to these habits and have become somewhat blind to their impact on our lives and/or our work. After some self-spot and honest self-reflection, we at Azavista have come up with a short list of 6 bad habits all event planners need to break… ASAP.

# 1 Being a control freak

As you gain more responsibilities it will be impossible to take on all tasks yourself – Delegate tasks and work with your team to work smarter not harder.

# 2 Not being a leader

The busier you are the more precious your time will be, but don’t forget to mentor and guide your team – nurturing your relationships will pay off in the long run.

# 3 Not staying on top of trends

Technology continues to develop at a rapid pace and plays an influential role in events. Stay up-to-date and experiment with new trends to create additional customer value.

# 4 Not being flexible

Consistency is important but remember to be flexible in how you work with others – Learning how to ‘play well’ with the different personalities in your team will benefit you personally and professionally.

# 5 Not going that extra mile

The event industry can be very demanding but going that extra mile will help mark you out for success with team members, clients and your boss.

# 6 You don’t gather the data

It’s fun to try new planning tools but – if you don’t measure it, it does not exist. ‘Our attendees seemed happy’ is not an acceptable event KPI.

It is of course possible that you might have picked up (a few) bad habits throughout your event planning career, but with a little awareness and perseverance anything can changed for the better.

Happy Planning!