6 items you simply have to take with you on long flights. They’re worth the investment and will definitely show double their value after your next long-haul flight! Happy travelling!

#1 Noise-Cancelling Headphones

This really helps you preserve your own ‘bubble’ for your flight and ensures that the in- flight noises won’t bother you while you’re using your tablet and phone or even while you’re trying to get a few hours of sleep – it’s worth the investment if you fly long-haul frequently.

#2 Portable Chargers

Nothing is worse than getting stuck at your destination or spending the last 4 hours of your flight without any entertainment or connectivity. Investing in a charging station is worth looking into since it can be used on various occasions as well.

#3 Moisturisers

The humidity level in your flight is up to half as much as natural air – taking skin cream, eye drops, nose spray, and basically all good moisturisers are worth considering.

#4 Neck Support

Indeed these are not the most attractive accessories to take along with you into a plane, but they sure are worth the trouble. These pillows can make the difference between an awkward 10 hours wearing a silly pillow and spending days recovering from an uncomfortable flight – it’s up to you, really!

#5 Extra Pair of Socks

If you’re concerned about your circulation during a long flight, you have the possibility to invest in compression socks which in fact help increase your circulation. Either way, any socks will do to keep your feet warm and smell-free.

#6 Entertainment Surplus

Don’t count on quality entertainment during your flight – always come prepared with your favourite TV shows, music or movies on your laptop or synchronised to your tablet. This, by the way, is another good reason to invest in a charging station as well!