Travel agencies should remain viable and profitable

Best practices for travel agencies

To have clients means to be visible, to be found and to be trusted. You already know that, but what strategy do you have to make your business work and remain relevant ? With these changes happening in the online booking world, it’s important to be up to date and participate effectively in the new changing landscape. Here is what you can start with:

1. Optimize your website and make it mobile friendly

As a travel agency, the first step you should do to boost visibility is to invest in a well-designed and optimized website. A solid business website will be your most cost-effective marketing tool. Having a professional and a functional website is a must have for travel agencies. Pay attention to the quality of your images and hire a good travel copywriter that will generate relevant content to engage and boost conversion.

Make your website accessible via mobile. Business and leisure travelers expect a seamless online experience—no matter if they are booking on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. Providing a relevant and engaging customer experience across digital channels ensures you keep the attention of your customers, while reminding them that you are a serious and professional agency.

2. Put some effort in your social media channels

Not only your website should be optimized, but also your social media channels. Aim to build communities that like your services and do not forget to offer promotions for those who like your pages. Always ask for testimonials on your website and endorsements on Linkedin to show your agency’ values, skills and expertise. Once you have testimonials, spread them through all social channels.

3. Customer service hands on

Travel agencies should be responsive and reachable through a multitude of channels (email, phone, Twitter, Facebook). Read emails properly and monitor social media channels, if you decide to offer customer support in an innovative way. It would also be a good idea to offer an emergency assistance line. In this way, clients will be able to reach you anytime, whether they have missed their flight, need a last minute change to their itinerary or encountered other emergencies.

4. Know your customers

One of the most important parts of your business is to understand who your customers are. When you get new clients, make your best to understand their profile. Invest in research and always keep up to date on market trends, as well as your customer’s preferences, needs and expectation. To begin crafting an accurate customer profile, fully understand your own products, services, and your mission as an organization.

5. Participate in events

Events are definitely a key tool in acquiring new clientèle. Lots of travel agencies (online and traditional) meet with companies face to face to try and sell their services. Events and exhibitions are the number one way to get a conversation started with first time clients. When you decide to participate in events, advertise relevant offers, invest in design and in valuable people that can be the ambassadors of your products.

6. Be unique and sell experiences

Make sure all your clients receive something they can’t find by booking travel elsewhere. Use your knowledge and industry know-how to recommend destinations, hotels and activities that fit each customer’s profile. Aim to create a unforgettable travel experience that will be tailored to each customer’s specific preferences, needs and personality.