Making your event guests happy seems like an easy enough thing to do for most planners. Sometimes, though, I have felt that I wasted hours attending a conference and workshops that weren’t all they were promised to be. So then how do you make your event guests happy? Give them an experience to enjoy!

Since this can be tricky, I’ve come up with 6 vital ingredients to happy event guests. They seem simple and straightforward  but their value is often underestimated.

1. Communicate Only the Vitals

Don’t overload your event guests with too much information before your event takes place. Keep emails short, sweet and to-the-point – humans generally can’t remember more than three or four things at a time anyways. My personal favourite here is limiting the invitation communication to the W’s: who, what, when, where and why – all related to your event of course! So don’t overcomplicate things and leave room for misunderstanding or miscommunication – just say what you need to say and move on.

2. Ensure Accessibility

As with a lot of things in today’s world, your events most likely have a desired target audience. You know, the people you want to attend your event? To ensure that you’re getting the people you really want to show up to your event it is ideal if you take into account how accessible the event venues are, the times and the dates on which you intend to hold your event. This way, you’re more likely to reach the people you’re interested in – you just need to do a little research beforehand!

3. Make On-Site Registration a Smooth Process

Nothing beats waiting in line for 20 minutes to receive your name badge, right? WRONG. One of the most detrimental, annoying, unnecessary, and excruciating things you can do to your event guests is force them to wait in a queue the day of your event. That is a wasted 20 minutes – minutes that could have been spent networking (properly) or entertaining your guests. Take a look into streamlining your on-site registration process, invest in some mobile apps (like this one) or 2-second badge printers to get the job done faster. It’ll pay off, trust me.

4. Test and ‘Fool Proof’ Your AV Set-up

I feel very strongly about poor AV at any event and I believe that messing up your AV set up is such an easy thing to avoid. I’ve previously made a list of a 10 most common AV mistakes and how to avoid them please, for the love of events, take a look: here.

5. Make Networking Possible and Easy

Networking is one of the main reasons why people attend events in the first place (at least, from my experience). Make sure that there is enough room for your guests to mingle and get to know each other since often times they are carrying briefcases or coats (if you’re living in Europe as well) with them – and as you know, that takes up quite some space! Also, since there’s a lot of talking going on during networking sessions, it’s beneficial to provide refreshments. Coincidentally, refreshments are also an excellent way of breaking an awkward moment during a conversation.

6. Follow-up with Your Guests After Your Event

Send a summary or abstract of the event and the activities that took place. Also send over the presentation slides of your speakers, since it’s possible that due to unforeseen changes some of your guests could not make it to your event. Share the pictures and videos on your event website as well – this is great marketing leading up to your next event! Last but not least, don’t forget to send over your post-event questionnaire! This is a good way to find out what your event guests thought about your event and their experience, which all can be used to make your future events even more successful.

Sure, these 6 ingredients are not all it takes to make happy event guests, but it’s a good start. I think these are some of the most important elements to your events and are really worth the extra attention.

Share your ideas with us as well and tell us how you make happy event guests! Happy Planning!