Every year, Amsterdam is the stage for the biggest club festival in the world: The Amsterdam Dance Event. The event started in 1995 as a three-day conference and it was attended by 300 people, and it continues to grow and innovate. During their last edition, the event attracted 375.000 festival visitors and 9.000 international music professionals.

This year ADE’s festival will take place from the 18th to 22rd of October 2017 at more than 140 different locations around the city. But the event is not only about parties. While the festival’s programs run at night, during the day the city is all about conferences for businesses. These conferences gather around 2.200 performing artists and 550 speakers from all over the world to network and exchange ideas. Among the speakers are artists, entrepreneurs, producers, and other creative minds and industry leaders.

ADE Conferences have a clear mission which is to bring innovation to the entertainment market, educate and inspire professionals in the field of electronic music and trigger discussions about new technologies, social & environmental responsibility. The ADE describes their audience as “curious, open-minded, culture-obsessed and always on the lookout for new experiences” Professionals in the music business that are hard to reach via mass media which is why live events are essential for the market. They have the power to bring these people together and to create a huge impact on the industry.

When attending a conference, the entertainment industry audience is expecting to see innovation, new concepts and discuss real world problems and solutions. The conference organisers need to act in accordance with this mindset and deliver the experience the public is hoping for. ADE is a renowned leader in the electronic music platform. We selected three aspects of ADE’s event management that help them to be on top of the sector.

1. Social Media Presence

No news here. If you want people to talk about your brand you need to have a presence online, create relevant content and engage with the audience. This same strategy works for events. Keep your participants up to date about any new announcements, speakers, event program etc.

ADE make sure they are well positioned across different social media channels. Linkedin is one of them. Linkedin is a great platform for B2B communication and interaction. Share and show the progress of the event planning and program.

2. Seamless check-in process

This year they are introducing a new approach to their onsite participant management. They have a check-in application that is automatically synced to their registered participant list. As their participants arrive at the venue they scan the barcode, the participant is immediately checked in and a badge is printed for them. This allows for a speedy and professional check-in.

3. Bring innovative ideas

The event experience has a level of importance where visitors already expect to see mind-blowing shows, exuberant stages, recreational zones and even other amusement and activities. Not surprisingly, ADE conference organisers have then prepared creative activities, innovative topics and out of the box solutions for the global dance music industry.

For the second consecutive year, together with DGTL and Young Creators, ADE are organising ADE Hackathon. This initial goal is to “stimulate innovation in the dance and festival scene”, gathering developers, designers and entrepreneurs that are willing to solve real world problems faced by the industry, taking into consideration the values and benefits that technology can provide.

Are you attending the ADE conferences events? Tell us which events you are attending and what your expectations are for this year.

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