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ADVA Optical Networking has an unyielding focus on bringing innovation to your network. Their intelligent telecommunications hardware, software, and services have been deployed by several hundred service providers and thousands of enterprises. Over the past twenty years, their innovative connectivity solutions have helped to drive networks forward.

ADVA Optical Networking SE was founded in 1994 in Munich, Germany and has a global workforce of 1500 employees. They work hard to forge close working relationships with all their customers and partners and their event team plays a critical role in facilitating these relationships.

ADVA Optical Networking organizes its flagship event “The Munich Symposium” once a year. It is an annual two-day conference which attracts over 250 participants – a mix of partners and end-customers – from across the globe.

The Challenge

The event logistics include but are not confined to booking venues, accommodation, transportation, handling registrations and special requirements, coordinating speakers and implementing an event itinerary the combines workshops, presentations, and entertainment. The target audience is the company’s channels, partners and end customers.

As “The Munich Symposium” is an event that requires the management of a multitude of different elements, the following points were identified as the main challenges:

  • Fast & efficient creation of an event website with a custom registration form that can be easily updated as the event program develops;
  • Managing registrations and changes;
  • Clear tracking and report of all event components (accommodation, optional workshops, dinners, car parking requirements, etc.).

The solution

Using Azavista’s drag and drop interface, ADVA Optical Networking effortlessly created a custom and professional looking website for their flagship event. The system’s comprehensive event dashboard allowed the company to maintain a clear overview of the progress and status of registrations at all times. Registration data, as well as changes to existing registrations, were easily monitored and tracked. Advanced search and
report generation options allowed for the extraction of necessary data in just a few clicks.

The results

By using Azavista, the benefits for ADVA Optical Networking were significant. More specifically the company reported the following:

  • Time-Saving: The event team estimates they saved about 30% of their time by using Azavista;
  • Easy Accessibility & Collaboration: All members of the event team could monitor the progress of registrations and access relevant information directly.

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