There are a lot of romantic notions about tech start-ups. People see Google, Facebook, and Uber and think starts-up are overnight success. But the reality is that there is a tremendous amount of trial and error, false starts, and disappointments. I’m very proud of our team at Azavista and the way we successfully work through our errors, disappointments, and challenges.
2015 was a great year for Azavista. We’ve laid a solid groundwork that will will continue building on. We grew our customer base by investing in both our customers and our employees. We built a successful repeatable sales process focused on our customers’ needs. Our focus on customers needs was also demonstrated in the development of stronger product capabilities and the extension of our platform with many customer requested features such as the planner app and payment module.
We certainly had some trial and error in the development process. Fortunately, we have great customers who provide us with honest and constructive feedback that helps us continue moving in the right direction. We’re also fortunate to have a tenacious development team that works endlessly to provide great solutions to our customers.
For 2016 we are continuing to build on the momentum and will grow even more. Our focus remains on our customers – on providing them with a great user experience and robust capabilities that ensure the success of all their events. Internally, we continue developing and improving our teams so that each (sales/marketing/customer success/development/engineering/administration) performs effectively and productively individually and in collaboration. After customer satisfaction, finding and developing the right talent to grow and complement our organization is one of our biggest priorities.