Event Management

What to look for in a Check-in App

by admin • September 19, 2017

You’ve thought about every aspect of your event. You’ve set your goals, organised the team, set a date, promoted your event, established partnerships & sponsors and defined a budget. But what about guests check-in on arrival? After all, as an event organiser, creating a good first impression and delivering an amazing experience to your participants […]

8 Marketing Tips to Sell More Tickets for Your Event

by admin • August 19, 2015

In the ideal scenario, tickets for your event sell out so quickly that those who luck out have to seek out scalpers. Of course, unless your company is nationally renowned, that is unlikely to happen. Nevertheless, you can still achieve a sold out event if you play your cards right when it comes to selling […]

11 Must-Haves On Your Event Website

by admin • July 8, 2015

As event planners we are all aware just how important an event website is to the success of our event. For this reason we at Azavista have compiled a short list of 11 must-haves on your event website to help you incorporate all the magic required to make a great event website. Let us know if you […]

3 Things That Will Make Your Event Better

by admin • June 30, 2015

We sometimes forget just how important our event attendees are to us. Not only in terms of event success but also what they can add to our business as a whole. I mean, events are a pretty big deal.. We plan hard to make sure that our events are successful and result in a decent ROI […]

3 Essential Elements to Successful Event Planning

by admin • June 2, 2015

In event planning as in life, we deal with a multitude of people— some we already know and others we have yet to work with. As you might have already learned, planning an event is not a solo task. Eventually we all must invite external parties into the process to ensure that our event vision and […]

15 Event Fails Attendees Hate

by admin • May 27, 2015

Planning successful events is always tricky business, but there are certain essential elements that, if done wrong, can lead to very unhappy guests. Taking into consideration the value a good event can add to your business, we at Azavista have come up with 15 event fails attendees hate. These are real no-no’s to bear in […]

Meeting and Event Trends for 2015

by admin • April 30, 2015

Monitoring trends is always either interesting or inspiring. Unfortunately, we know that we cannot apply every trend that comes along – especially when we have our budgets to take into account. For this reason, Azavista has compiled a list of some (more) meeting and event trends for 2015. These trends are both interesting (in my […]

Taking Control of Your Event Accounting and Finances

by admin • April 21, 2015

As event planners we are always concerned with whether we are within our budget, whether there will be enough budget and of course, whether we will get a decent ROI on our event. Some of us are lucky enough to have an accountant or bookkeeper near by, but it is nonetheless very important that we […]

8 Ways to Pull your Team Towards Success

by admin • April 15, 2015

When leading a team, there are important things to bear in mind during the process. After all, we work better together when we feel appreciated and are given the room to work to our full potential. We have compiled a list of 8 ways to pull your team towards success – Good luck!   # […]

5 Essentials for Corporate Event Planning

by admin • April 9, 2015

Planning events successfully is never easy, that is why every event planner needs a solid game plan. We have compiled a list of 5 essentials for your corporate event planning. Keep these tips in mind while planning your next event and be fully prepared. Be sure that you consider all your event variables and get your team on […]