Event Management

5 Commonly Overlooked Hidden Costs in Event Planning

by admin • February 23, 2015

While planning your events, it can become easier to overlook certain less obvious costs and one can forget that it is possible to save money at each step in the process. These hidden costs, as they are called, can surprise you when it becomes time to review your event budget. There are a number of […]

What Will Events of the Future Look Like?

by admin • February 10, 2015

Azavista, a leader in corporate event technology, makes predictions on what technologies we might see being applied in the events and meeting industry in the years to come.  The presentation below contains a melange of smart gadgets, virtual reality and wearable technology. Which technology are you more excited to start using? What will events of the future […]

5 Essential Gadgets for Event Planners

by admin • February 2, 2015

Whether you want to save time, be more efficient or make a good impression at your next meeting or event, these items could definitely help you along the way. Azavista, a next generation event management platform, recommends these 5 essential gadgets for event planners: 1. Digital Pen What is it? A digital pen converts handwritten […]

4 simple ways to boost participant engagement at your events

by admin • January 14, 2015

Many event planners are so overwhelmed with the organizational aspects of meetings that they do not have the energy to focus on other important elements such as feedback, interaction and participant engagement. However, even with limited resources there are some best practices and ideas that can be applied to give your participants a truly interactive event experience: […]

Life Hacks for Event Planners

by admin • January 6, 2015

In the chaotic world of event planning some tips and tricks to stay more organized are always welcome. Take a look at the following life hacks that might just make your job (and life) a little easier: Life Hacks for Event Planners from azavista

Do you follow these safety guidelines for your events?

by admin • December 18, 2014

Simple, easy to follow guidelines to keep your attendees safe during your event. Major catastrophes that happened in the past, as sad as they are for everyone involved, have one positive effect. More attention is focused on the safety and wellbeing of every person involved in the event. Be it the workers that set up […]

Why do suppliers work with smart tools while event planners don’t?

by admin • December 10, 2014

Learn why implementing an integrated event management platform can allow you to bring your events to the next level Strategic Meetings Management – Going Backwards or Forward? Part 2 The world has changed and with it the landscape of event management has changed dramatically. The fact about this is plain and simple: While suppliers are using […]

10 tips to manage your time better as an event planner

by admin • December 4, 2014

Event planning is an industry that runs 24/7. In order to be successful, event managers need to plan well and to control their time with maximum precision. Therefore, if you are an event planner you need to control how you spend your hours. Otherwise, poor time management can result in disastrous events. Here are some […]

Strategic Meetings Management – Going Backwards or Forward?

by admin • November 21, 2014

Azavista, the leader in corporate event technology, participated in the “Strategic Meetings Management” (SMM) breakout session, at the GBTA conference in Berlin. One of the main points of the debate, is that SMM should not be only about cost-savings, but also about productive meetings. A better way to obtain quality meetings is to use data as part of […]

Plan the perfect Christmas party

by admin • November 13, 2014

Follow these steps as a basic Christmas Event Checklist, in order to plan the perfect Christmas event.  Read till the end, because we have an exciting gift for you! 1. SET THE DATE Date and venue are particularly important in December. Get this sorted as soon as possible to ensure you get the Christmas party […]