Event Planning

Challenges that Event Planners face in Project Management

by admin • July 15, 2019

Event planners have managed projects all along, that’s why they’re able to simplify processes such as organizing tasks and people. But, just like project managers, they can face issues in the planning and management of events. Here’s a list of the most common challenges event planners struggle with:

Top 5 Tips to Select the Best Onsite Solution Provider

by admin • June 14, 2019

Every successful event relies on a combination of trustworthy providers and choosing the right ones oftentimes can turn into a challenge. Fortunately, there’s a way to streamline the entire process of selecting the best onsite solution provider! Learn more about it in our latest article.

6 Unique Corporate Event Ideas

by admin • October 20, 2018

Because corporate events can be quite boring and often planned without too much thought – here are 6 unique corporate event ideas for you to use to engage your employees and share the joy internally! #1 Visit a Local Producer Take your team for a fun and educational experience at a local vineyard or brewery […]

How to Create Flawless Events

by admin • August 19, 2018

The primary goal of any event planner is to deliver impeccable events, and in order to achieve that, it has to begin and end with perfect execution. In this article, we provide tips on how to create flawless events!

ADE for business: Events for the entertainment industry

by admin • October 16, 2017

Every year, Amsterdam is the stage for the biggest club festival in the world: The Amsterdam Dance Event. The event started in 1995 as a three-day conference and it was attended by 300 people, and it continues to grow and innovate. During their last edition, the event attracted 375.000 festival visitors and 9.000 international music […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Online Event Communities

by admin • October 2, 2017

Live events are a valuable asset, but so is online engagement in the weeks before and after the event. Events, after all, only take place a few days out of the year. Online engagement ensures you keep in touch with guests in between events. We’ll outline the do’s and don’ts of managing a community that […]

What to look for in a Check-in App

by admin • September 19, 2017

You’ve thought about every aspect of your event. You’ve set your goals, organised the team, set a date, promoted your event, established partnerships & sponsors and defined a budget. But what about guests check-in on arrival? After all, as an event organiser, creating a good first impression and delivering an amazing experience to your participants […]

3 Things That Will Make Your Event Better

by admin • June 30, 2017

We sometimes forget just how important our event attendees are to us. Not only in terms of event success but also what they can add to our business as a whole. I mean, events are a pretty big deal.. We plan hard to make sure that our events are successful and result in a decent ROI […]

6 Vital Ingredients to Happy Event Guests

by admin • September 29, 2015

Making your event guests happy seems like an easy enough thing to do for most planners. Sometimes, though, I have felt that I wasted hours attending a conference and workshops that weren’t all they were promised to be. So then how do you make your event guests happy? Give them an experience to enjoy! Since […]

6 Critical Tools for Successful Event Marketing

by admin • September 16, 2015

According to research by HubSpot around 20% of an event budget is spent on marketing the event. Additionally event planners tend to promote their events using 5 tools with 40% of planners promoting via social media channels. The most used event promotion channels are: Email marketing; Word-of-mouth; Event website; (Registered) Mail invites. Before we can dive […]