Event Registration

Innovation that drives sustainability

by admin • April 18, 2018

Innovation that drives sustainability At Azavista we care about the smallest details in order to increase your attendees event experience. Upon request, we further simplified the check-in process for employees that visit events on a regular base, by using their personal plastic company badge. We removed the necessity to print your email registration confirmation, and […]

Watch our Check-in App in action!

by admin • November 22, 2017

Delivering a smooth and remarkable experience is a must for Event Planners. How you manage the onsite is crucial to define your participant’s first impression about the event’s organisation. We offer an out-of-the-box solution for corporate events to do so. We prepared a short video where you can check out our Check-in App in action and […]

ADE for business: Events for the entertainment industry

by admin • October 16, 2017

Every year, Amsterdam is the stage for the biggest club festival in the world: The Amsterdam Dance Event. The event started in 1995 as a three-day conference and it was attended by 300 people, and it continues to grow and innovate. During their last edition, the event attracted 375.000 festival visitors and 9.000 international music […]

What to look for in a Check-in App

by admin • September 19, 2017

You’ve thought about every aspect of your event. You’ve set your goals, organised the team, set a date, promoted your event, established partnerships & sponsors and defined a budget. But what about guests check-in on arrival? After all, as an event organiser, creating a good first impression and delivering an amazing experience to your participants […]

Do you follow these safety guidelines for your events?

by admin • December 18, 2014

Simple, easy to follow guidelines to keep your attendees safe during your event. Major catastrophes that happened in the past, as sad as they are for everyone involved, have one positive effect. More attention is focused on the safety and wellbeing of every person involved in the event. Be it the workers that set up […]

10 tips to manage your time better as an event planner

by admin • December 4, 2014

Event planning is an industry that runs 24/7. In order to be successful, event managers need to plan well and to control their time with maximum precision. Therefore, if you are an event planner you need to control how you spend your hours. Otherwise, poor time management can result in disastrous events. Here are some […]

Strategic Meetings Management – Going Backwards or Forward?

by admin • November 21, 2014

Azavista, the leader in corporate event technology, participated in the “Strategic Meetings Management” (SMM) breakout session, at the GBTA conference in Berlin. One of the main points of the debate, is that SMM should not be only about cost-savings, but also about productive meetings. A better way to obtain quality meetings is to use data as part of […]

Stephen Morton-Prior: “We plan events like movies”

by admin • November 10, 2014

Inside the mind of a planner: How to implement technology into events Stephen Morton-Prior Managing Director at Clearwater Events 19 years of experience in the Events Industry Prior to the launch of Clearwater Events, he has held positions in the Event Management sector He had the opportunity to work with a diverse portfolio of global […]

Turning the Tables on Professional Networking at Events

by admin • October 28, 2014

Professional networking is now being transformed by the ubiquity of mobile technology and internet-connected devices.  As the number of social media platforms and event apps is growing exponentially, the expectations of both event attendees and hosts have changed, but not always towards the same direction. American Express Meetings & Events report, titled “GREAT EXPECTATIONS: The […]

Tech-centered hotels for your next meeting

by admin • October 15, 2014

ere is our list of 5 modern tech hotels for your corporate event Bored of the same classic meeting venues for your events? It’s time for a change in 2015. As there is a shift in the travel and hospitality sector, many hotels will open their gates or rebrand themselves, in order to cater Millennials, […]