4 simple ways to boost participant engagement at your events

by admin • January 14, 2015

Many event planners are so overwhelmed with the organizational aspects of meetings that they do not have the energy to focus on other important elements such as feedback, interaction and participant engagement. However, even with limited resources there are some best practices and ideas that can be applied to give your participants a truly interactive event experience: […]

The art of persuasion in meetings

by admin • September 16, 2014

How to use persuasion in meetings Negotiating in meetings and being persuasive yet honest and straightforward is not easy. It takes a lot of experience and let’s face it – not everyone is good at it. There is more to being persuasive than making a good point. It involves your demeanor, psychology, and ultimately the […]

Is budget the new business travel consultant?

by admin • December 1, 2013

Ever since the credit crunch, businesses have been coming up with new ways of cutting operating costs and the new frugal trend quickly became evident in all industries, including the business travel sector. It seems that budget is the new business travel consultant. As companies slashed their budgets, business travel expenses were often among the […]

10 ways to scientifically improve your meetings and events

by admin • November 19, 2013

Learn how to scientifically improve your meetings and events There are hundreds if not thousands of tips that could help improve any meeting, but most of them are experience-based and unscientific. That does not mean they are not good, but today we will take a look at some fun, yet scientifically proven ways of improving meeting […]

Tips on creating a winning event planning resume

by admin • November 14, 2013

Learn how to create an excellent event planning resume A key part of landing an event planning job is creating a resume that not only catches the eye of the hiring party, but holds it and convinces them that they’ve just found the best person for the position. However, competition for these jobs is stiff, […]

Tips for Creating an Effective Event Survey

by admin • November 12, 2013

Surveys are a vital tool for event planners, as they provide timely and relevant feedback, this allowing them to address shortcomings on the spot and avoid repeating the same mistakes twice. However, to make the most of your event survey, you need to plan ahead and set the right goals that best suit your needs. […]