Tech-centered hotels for your next meeting

by admin • October 15, 2014

ere is our list of 5 modern tech hotels for your corporate event Bored of the same classic meeting venues for your events? It’s time for a change in 2015. As there is a shift in the travel and hospitality sector, many hotels will open their gates or rebrand themselves, in order to cater Millennials, […]

Supplier spotlight: Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam

by admin • June 13, 2014

“Be honest and open about what you want, what budget restrictions you have and aim for a win-win for both parties” Mr. Kees Hogetoorn, Director of Sales & Marketing at Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam tells us what corporate planners should do to have an efficient working relationship with hotels. In his view, the best […]

Supplier spotlight: Marriott Hotels of Brussels

by admin • June 6, 2014

“Stop sending out multiple non-qualified requests to a wide group of hotels. Rather take the time to research with the end client the precise requirements for each of the meetings”. To improve the relationship between hotels and event professionals, Azavista spoke with Pierre Dorrell, Market Director of Sales and Marketing at Marriott Hotels of Brussels […]

Supplier Spotlight: Vivamarinha Hotel & Suites

by admin • May 26, 2014

Miguel Ximenez, Vivamarinha hotel: If planners could allow for longer time frames and provide schedules on a regular basis, they could more efficiently reduce costs and minimize the risk of mistakes. Miguel Ximenez is a Sales Executive at Vivamarinha Hotel & Suites. He is responsible for the corporate market accounts in Spain, Belgium, Holland and […]

Supplier spotlight: Leonardo Hotels Belgium

by admin • May 23, 2014

“Céline Casteels, Leonardo Hotels Belgium: Recession has seriously impacted the meetings industry, but now many companies are recovering“ Céline Casteels, the Regional Sales Manager for Leonardo Hotels in Belgium, gave us an insight in the meetings and hotel industry. Miss Casteels works in the hospitality industry for more than a decade. She joined Leonardo hotel […]

How can data analytics be applied in the hotel industry?

by admin • May 21, 2014

Hotel industry trends There is a lot of talk nowadays about big data in the hotel industry. But in fact it is just a buzz-word that provides little benefits to any enterprise. In essence, big data is a collection of unstructured data from traditional and digital sources inside and outside your company that represents a […]

How hotels can increase their website traffic and revenue

by admin • March 4, 2014

Learn how hotels can increase their website traffic and revenue The level of traffic to a hotel’s website is an important statistic, as it reflects the amount of exposure the hotel is receiving, and how well it is competing for guests. More guests visiting the hotel’s website can lead directly to more guests booking at […]

10 Ways Hotels Can Increase Revenues, Decrease Costs and Boost Group Hotel Bookings

by admin • March 3, 2014

Top tips to increase revenues, decrease costs and boost group hotel bookings Today, operating a successful hotel can be a challenge. Management and staff need to be in sync when it comes to daily operations, cost controls, and customer service. It’s important to balance and control costs while working to increase revenues to remain profitable. […]

Is budget the new business travel consultant?

by admin • December 1, 2013

Ever since the credit crunch, businesses have been coming up with new ways of cutting operating costs and the new frugal trend quickly became evident in all industries, including the business travel sector. It seems that budget is the new business travel consultant. As companies slashed their budgets, business travel expenses were often among the […]

Hotel eRFP Best Practices

by admin • November 7, 2013

Technology has undoubtedly facilitated the supplier sourcing process for travel and event planners around the world. Online eRFP platforms are widely accessible and enable planners to send out numerous requests and receive detailed offers in just a click of a button. Some of these platforms, like Azavista, are even offered completely free of charge. For […]