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Customer Story: ADVA Optical Networking

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Azavista Customer Story: The ADVA Optical Networking JourneyAzavista customer story

The proof of the power of Azavista event technology is our customers.

ADVA Optical Networking is a leading provider of innovative networking solutions that prides itself on building strong relationships with their customers and partners. See how their event team saves time and improves event management with the Azavista event platform.


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Considering jumping on the event app wagon?

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Event apps are hugely popular right now and if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon you are at least considering it. Modern event managers consider event apps as one of the best new tools available, because they can help streamline event management and provide a better event experience for attendees.

Do event apps live up to the hype?Azavista event app

For busy event managers, it’s difficult to cut through the noise and buzz to determine if there is a real value for their events. If there is a value, how do you make sure you use it well, so it’s a value-add and not a distraction?

There is a clear evidence that event apps provide a value for many different types of events. A MeetingNet report details the varied benefits of event apps, which include reducing printing costs, increasing survey responses, and reducing workload. But there are some important considerations to keep in mind:

  • An event app will not disguise bad event management. For your attendees, the event experience is still mainly about the quality of the speakers and program, the efficiency of the logistics, and (let’s be honest) how good the food and drinks are. A well-done event app can add to a positive event experience, but it can’t make up for a bad one.
  • Not everyone will use the event app. Since I work in IT, most participants of the events I organize are pretty tech-savvy. But even at a tech event, not everyone uses the event app. Maybe their battery is low, or they’re travelling and can’t connect. Maybe the WI-FI at the venue is not very strong. Maybe they don’t have any memory to download an additional app. Or quite possibly, they just don’t want to use the app. There are ways to encourage and improve use of the event app (have charging stations and multiple WI-FI connections available), but also have alternatives outside of the event app.  
  • Like everything else with your event, the event app needs to be well planned. If you have been planning your event for the past 6 months and it’s coming up soon, don’t all of a sudden try to throw an event app in. Wait for your next event, plan how to properly roll it out from the beginning. You need to not only deliver a proper experience for event attendees, but you need to make sure that the event team and your speakers are ready to properly use the app.

How to choose the right event app?

Like all apps, there are many options for an event app. The Event Manager’s Blog has a whole bible dedicated to choosing an event app. At Azavista, we like to make our customers’ lives easier, so we offer an event app as part of our platform. This makes the event app a seamless integration with all other event management efforts.

Whichever event app you choose, be sure to make sure that you have proper training and that you test the integration with your existing system.

If you’d like to take a look at the Azavista event app along with our full event management platform, we invite you to contact us or join us for an upcoming product demo.

Has Modern Event Management Finally Arrived?

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For most of my marketing career I’ve worked in the high-tech sector, managing events and campaigns for software solutions that help Sales, Support, HR, Operations, and IT teams work more efficiently. It seemed ironic that I spent so much time marketing software solutions that improved productivity for almost everyone except the marketing team. It was an ongoing joke with my colleagues. We felt a bit of jealously at the advance systems and tools available to these other teams. Seeing the robustness and customization options of ERP, CRM, etc. we wanted similar (but less complicated) tools for events and campaigns.

Azavista modern event management

Is it time for modern event management?

Is marketing automation enough?

Then along came marketing automation in the form of Responsys, Eloqua, and HubSpot. These are great tools and we’ve enthusiastically adopted them to take advantage of their ability to improve engagement, lead generation, and reporting. But while these tools are great for digital campaigns, none of them really adequately supports events. Marketing automation is great for email nurturing, website tracking, and social media integration. It can help with some event promotion, but not for organizing and improving event engagement.

Although our buyers and the buying process have become increasingly digital, for most of us B2B marketers, face-to-face is still a critical part of strong relationships with potential buyers and with our customers. Events take up an important part of our time and budget. Now that we have Modern Marketing in the form of automation, isn’t it time for Modern Event Management?

Defining modern event management

At a time when our audience has so many engagement options and increasingly less available time, it’s more challenging to get participants to sign-up for events. We’re constantly trying to do more with less and need a tool that can adequately support us. Modern event management should ideally allow us to:

  • More efficiently manage logistics like venue searches and supplier procurement
  • Track and plan all event details across internal and external resources
  • Drive higher attendance, improving engagement and reporting
  • Quickly and easily create or duplicate registration pages with options for payment, breakout sessions, etc.
  • Manage and report on budgets and ROI
  • Provide analysis (on venue options, event dates, audience reach, etc.) that helps us plan successful events
  • Integrate with existing systems like marketing automation and CRM

Event management technologies, like Azavista’s platform have begun to emerge in the past several years. Some solutions focus on a particular purpose – like an event app or online venue search tools. But true modern event management should be end-to-end.

Just the beginning

At Azavista we are continuously evolving our SAAS platform based on feedback from our customers. We’ve recently improved our event app and added options for paid events. So yes we do believe the time for modern event management has come but we look at it as a path with continuous opportunities for improvement. And we welcome input from event managers and conferences planners on what they consider more critical in an event management platform.


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