6 Bad Habits All Event Planners Need to Break

by admin • May 19, 2015

As time passes it is not uncommon that we develop bad habits. At times though, we might be unaware that we have fallen victim to these habits and have become somewhat blind to their impact on our lives and/or our work. After some self-spot and honest self-reflection, we at Azavista have come up with a […]

10 books every event planner should read

by admin • August 6, 2014

10 books every planner should read from azavista Event planner readings 1. Into the heart of meetings: Basic principles of meeting design Authors: Eric de Groot and Mike van der Vijver Summary: This book provides a wonderful introduction to meeting design for any event planner. Unlike the many books on the profession that emphasize logistics, […]

Effective business meetings: The benefits of stand-ups

by admin • July 23, 2014

Do you really need to sit down at meetings? Business meetings can be more effective when people stand up. Psychologists have found that stand-up meetings take less time and can be more productive as when we sit down. ‘When we sit down we tend to relax and we are not so bothered about clock watching […]

You messed up. It happens. Now, how do you fix mistakes?

by admin • June 4, 2014

Let’s see how do you fix mistakes. Making a mistake while managing an event has happened to all of us. Its up to you though to take responsibility and do your best to provide the winning solution. Event management is a profession that combines creativity, charisma with great organizational and time management skills. However, even those […]

8 things every travel agency should do to boost business

by admin • April 1, 2014

The internet has now provided the modern consumer with a gateway to quickly and easily get information about a destination, and independently book all elements of a trip online. Every travel agency  nowadays has to do a lot more than they used to, in order to provide value added services and stand out from the […]

The power of social proof for meetings and events

by admin • March 25, 2014

Whether it be the iPhone, Justin Bieber, or the Cronut it is no secret that when others see something that others are flocking to, they want to be a part of whatever it is. Like a moth fluttering towards the lone bulb in the night, people want to be around other people. Especially when they […]

Be Creative…Think Like a Child

by admin • March 11, 2014

Think like a child and bring innovation It may come as a shock that thinking like a child can be much more effective than thinking like an adult. It seems quite counter intuitive, doesn’t it? Studies show that adults asked to solve problems while pretending to be children garner better results in terms of creativity […]