Enterprise level companies use Azavista to ensure there is a single platform that event teams in any state, country or region can collaborate with cross-functional teams. Our 3.0 solution supports integration with the most current and often complex systems allowing for ease of adoption and implementation. We understand that time savings is cost savings and have created a modular and intuitive platform that requires little or no training to implement. With 24/7 support teams in NA, EMEA, and APAC regions, Azavista is able to offer one centralized tool for event teams across the globe to plan, market, execute and report on coordinated enterprise-wide events.

Budget & financial reporting
for every module

Task & project management tools facilitate collaboration

Automated workflows and event template features

Enterprise 360° Platform Benefits

Client success teams provide 24/7 Global Support

Private Cloud Storage
& Security

Web-based applications drive attendee engagement

A complete Tool Stack for your Enterprise Teams

task and project management

Task & Project Management

Create, monitor, assign and share tasks either to facilitate both internal and cross-department coordination. Maintain an overview of your event team’s schedule. Filter per department, role or team member to see who is busy with what, when. Utilize the multiple view options from list, priority based checklist, and Gaant chart depending on project type and team or user preference.

24/7 Customer Support

Our dedicated customer success managers approach your project in a proactive way, anticipating your needs and making sure that you reach your goals in time. Azavista can deliver the full stack of tailored services throughout the duration of the contract, as well as comprehensive training in order to facilitate seamless and swift adoption of the platform, and a support structure that ensures NACE annual events are a success.

task and project management

Workflow Automation

The workflow module is a core feature of the platform. It contains various submodules and features that in summary trigger automated responses and save a lot of time for planners. This is all customizable and Azavista works with all enterprise clients to understand your planning stages to see where we can have out platform do the work for you from simple email confirmations to more complex information flow.

Reporting and Analytics

The extensive Azavista reporting module allows the teams to analyze the performance of each event through through and intuitive dashboards with colorful and easy-to-read charts and graphs. There are both existing widgets for frequently requested reports and the ability to customize widgets for desired company specific reporting reporting in individual events or cross-event for more general analysis. It enables teams to evaluate the results and identify areas for future financial, operational improvement

Reporting and Analytics​

Web Based Applications

Azavista boasts 3 innovative web based applications that your team and attendees can access without ever having to download anything to your phone. Our check-in app allows for 3 second check-in of attendees as well as is very flexible and able to accept registration payments in real time. Our exhibitor app improves lead capture data making follow up and sales more effective and the virtual engagement app brings users together when live events are not possible through polling, questions, chat features, and content voting.

Private Cloud & Secure Data Storage

Paramount to information security is selecting partners and software solutions that uphold the highest level of protection. The Azavista 3.0 data security is compliant to ISO27001 and our platform is SOC-2 Certified. We will help IT teams manage sensitive content exchange on a secure and private cloud data storage system.

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