When used smart, event email marketing is an effective and cost effective way to approach your target clients, create awareness and generate leads.

Event email marketingEvent Email marketing is a great way to ensure that you are staying in contact with your customers while keeping costs low. The online marketing landscape is continuously changing and best practices need to be implemented in order to make the most out of this widely adopted and cost effective tool.  Here is what you can do to reach your target audience and maximize the effectiveness of your event email marketing campaign. 

1. Give email a personal touch

Think twice about what you want to achieve and write your emails creatively. In this spamming era it is difficult to get the attention of your target audience. Therefore, avoid generic emails, if you want more people to read your messages. People read emails which are personalized, short and to the point.  Deliver relevant, engaging and friendly content and you will have the desired response. It’s not enough to write an invitation that just summarizes the event; you have to give people a reason to click.

2. Simplify your design. Simple is safe.

The more complex your design is, the higher the risk that the email might look distorted or not open correctly across different devices. Many email clients do not automatically open images, nor do they support all font types. Consequently, if you are including images in your event email marketing, also create a “plain text” version and stick to standard fonts like Arial or New Times Roman. Keep it simple, in order to ensure that all your emails are indeed viewable.

3. Take care of the subject line

Do your pitch from the very first moment. The ‘subject line’ has to be catchy and to intrigue the recipient to open your email. Try and evoke the recipients curiosity. Often, senders tend to focus too much on the body of the email and ignore the subject line which is essential.
Try out two or three variations and see which has the better response rate. Pick one of these directions, for the subject line of your next event email marketing campaign:

  • Funny subject line
  • Controversial/Shocking
  • Single Word
  • Use numbers
  • Personalized subject line
  • Pose a question

4. One topic per email

It is more efficient to cover one topic per email, if you want to keep your readers focused. In order to get feedback, emails should look as ‘normal’ and as simple as possible. Do not overload people and be aware of how your autoresponders are running. If you send multiple emails per day, you might lose the interest of your target audience. Do not forget that emails are easy to ignore and to delete from the inbox. If there is a lot of text in relation to one specific topic, it is better to include a “Read More” link than to make your email look stuffed.

5. Adopt a warm tone

Adopt a warm, welcoming tone by using simple sentences and informal language. Be clear and personal in your writing. Do not make your emails look like an engineering course and do not strive to sound important. Use simple language. For instance, “get” instead of “acquired”.

6. Create familiarity

Create a content calendar and stick to it! Provide content that is relevant to your target audience and addresses pain points they might have. In time, people will become accustomed to receiving your emails and will look forward to receiving them. However, filter your list according to the feedback you get. Send your emails to people who want to get them, to people who have asked for them and expect them. This will help you in increasing open rates.