Use your event management platform and send key data to your sponsors.Post-event checklist: Use your event management platform and send key data to your sponsors.

Your guests have walked away with their awesome swag bags and now you can allow yourself to rest. It is time to enjoy life and go back to your friends and family. Oh, wait! Not yet. There are few more things to do after your event is over.

1. Send thank you notes

The things your parents taught you never go out of fashion. It is important to send thank you notes to your participants, sponsors, partners and speakers. Let them know they mattered and recognize their value and importance. All human beings need some kind of validation and gestures like this can enhance relationships on both a  personal and professional level. 

2. Send key data to your sponsors

After sending thank you notes, you can also send data and statistics to your sponsors. Companies that endorsed your event are looking for tangible business results. Send them a wrap up report with statistics like attendance, social media sharing, PR reach and email campaign results.

3. Share photos and videos from the event

Make sure you share the event photos the next day on your social media channels and event website.  Attendees will love seeing their pictures and tagging one another will increase the exposure of the event.

4. Send post event questionnaires

Event evaluation is necessary to make you and your team more efficient and facilitate you in making your next event even more successful. Use an event management platform or surveying tool to conduct a post event survey. Tips on how to do this can be found here.

5. Schedule an evaluation meeting with your team

Schedule a meeting a few days after the event to sit down with your team and talk about how everything went. It is important to analyze what went wrong and can be done better the next time around. Be thorough, honest and detailed in your communication. Everyone should think of specific examples of things that went  really well, as well as things that could be improved during the next event.

6. Ask for testimonials

Testimonials help your business grow. Reach out to some specific contacts and ask if they’ll give you their input. Testimonials are a great marketing tool that you can use on your website and social networks, to boost your corporate image and online visibility.

7. Continue networking

Continue to speak with the new people and the new suppliers you’ve met and solidify your connections. This is a real simple thing to do and it takes you only a few minutes. Bringing new people into your circle is an equally exciting opportunity for growth and development of your events. Your success is all about the relationships you cultivate.