What is Azavista's Pricing Model?

For our event management modules, we provide each company with a custom quote. This quote is based on the duration of the contract and the total estimated number of registrations. Also if the interested party requires customization and integration services, we evaluate the scope of work and include this in the custom proposal. Our pricing starts at 3 euros per registration. We offer our supplier procurement module on the other hand free of charge, while for our VAT Refund services we charge on a no cure no pay basis. This means we only take a small percentage of the VAT successfully refunded.

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How can I get a discount?

Our policy is to offer generous discounts when the estimated volume of registrations is high and the user is looking embark in a long term collaboration.

What if the number of registrations are more or less than the initial estimate?

No problem! Since our product is especially designed for the corporate and enterprise user, we offer fixed cost contracts. Say you are interested in an annual contract, we will bill you only once for the year, based on the initial registration estimate you had given us. If you surpassed this number, we will bill the remaining registrations the following year. If you used less than the estimate, we will calculate the difference and give you a corresponding discount the following year. This allows you to allocate a set budget for the use of our tool, and not have any problems with extra fees or invoicing.

What is the minimum contract duration?

There is none! You can determine the length of the contract and  use Azavista on a per event basis, monthly or annually. Each company has a different way of working, so we want to facilitate your business operations in any way we can.

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