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Event Management Solutions: Event Technology for Education & Non-Profits

Your events and conferences are one of the greatest assets that your organization possesses.  It’s critical to provide a great event experience to your extended community.

To maximize the success of each and every event, you need an affordable versatile user-friendly tool with an easy interface for managing all aspects of your events.

The Azavista event management software provides educational institutions and non-profit organizations with robust capabilities tailored to their specific requirements. The simple user interface means you can quickly and easily get new event registration pages up and running. The robust user permission options means that each user can focus on their role and responsibilities. What’s more the advance reporting options makes reporting to your management quick and easy.

Schedule a demo to see why our customers love the Azavista event management platform.

  • Event registration pages created in just a few clicks

    Create a fully customizable multi tab event website with our intuitive drag and drop interface. You can easily create templates and clone pages and have multiple registrations for multiple events up and running in no time.

  • Task management & delegation

    Successful event management requires the support of many individuals. Now you can make sure every detail is covered and nothing is missed.

  • Native or integrated email marketing

    Access over 50,000 suppliers worldwide and send multiple requests with a click of a button. Incoming quotes appear in one easy overview. Compare, negotiate and get the best prices for your next group or event.

  • Securely and simple collect and manage payment options

    In the past, managing a paid event required expensive outsourced solutions that were cumbersome to manage. Now, Azavista offers a simple integrated module so you can manage paid events security and easily.

Azavista Onsite Event technology
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