Increase engagement, insights and attendance

with Azavista’s customizable event app.

Make sure you don’t miss out on participants who want to register on the go!

Did you know that by offering an app or a responsive event website you can increase registrations by 35%? With Azavista’s Native Event App, participants can access important and personal event information at any time straight from their mobile phone. The app can be fully customized. Planners can communicate the event program, send updates, and survey participants and provide all vital event information with a click of a button.

Key Features


  • Multi-Event Listing

    The app offers the ability to apply it for multiple events, for both organizers and participants.

  • Multi-Track Personal Itinerary

    Participants can view their personal program, according to the activities/tracks and elements they have registered for.

  • Edit Registration

    Participants can view and edit their registration details through the app.

  • Functional Off-line

    The app does not require an internet connection to be operated. Participants can access their information at any time.

  • Instant Alerts/ Push Notifications

    Organizers can push custom event notifications to the app users.

  • Attendee Networking

    Attendees can network and interact with each other directly through the app. Social Media integrations are also possible.

  • Surveying Tool

    The planner can publish surveys that participants can access and respond to through the app.

Azavista native event app
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