Access over 50,000 suppliers worldwide

and secure the best deals for your meetings and events

Streamline the supplier sourcing process and secure the best rates for your meetings & events

No more endless emails and trying frantically to collect offers for your group or event on time! With Azavista, access over 50,000 suppliers worldwide and send multiple requests with a click of a button. All incoming quotes appear in one easy overview. Compare, negotiate and get the best prices for your next group or event. Handle all steps of the supplier procurement and supplier sourcing process, from market research up until contracting on one platform.

Key Features


  • Global supplier database

    Access over 50,000 event suppliers worldwide and get the best deals for your groups, meetings and events

  • E-RFP module

    Send multiple requests and organize group accommodation, meeting space, dining, transport and more

  • Offer dashboard

    View and compare all incoming offers in one easy overview

  • E-Contracting

    Receive, negotiate and sign contracts online. Track terms and get notified on payment deadlines

  • Rooming list manager

    Using our drag and drop interface, create, update and send rooming-lists to your suppliers

  • Live notifications

    Receive instant notifications when a supplier has responded with an offer

Azavista supplier procurement and eRFP tool
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