Azavista, a leader in corporate event technology, makes predictions on what technologies we might see being applied in the events and meeting industry in the years to come. 

The presentation below contains a melange of smart gadgets, virtual reality and wearable technology. Which technology are you more excited to start using?

Augmented Reality Supplier Sourcing

Various augmented reality headsets like Oculus Rift are being launched. The current focus is on gaming, but Azavista predicts that in the near future hotels will allow planners to view meeting and event facilities virtually from the comfort of their desk or home.

Setting Up your Venue Interactively

Azavista presented “Leap Motion”, a device that allows you to control a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements. Azavista predicts that this technology will be used side by side with AR head-sets and allow planners to create their meeting or event set-up in an interactive and virtual way.

The End of Translation Booths

Microsoft’s Skype Translator automatically translates your voice and video calls with real-time translation. Its still in beta version and there is vast room for improvement, especially regarding the contextualisation of conversations. Nevertheless, according to Azavista, in the near future we might see this technology replacing translation booths– delegates will be able to follow any presentation in any language just from their smart-phones.

Your Future Contingency Plan for Rain

A new kickstarter campaign presented the “air umbrella” – a literally invisible umbrella which takes advantage of airflow and creates shelter from the rain. Azavista predicts that we might see this technology growing and possibly being used for big outdoor events.

Your Personal Event Chauffeur

Google, Audi, Mercedes, GM and more companies are working on self driving technology. By 2020 these vehicles will probably already be on the road. Azavista predicts that self driving cars will be notified automatically when a delegate lands and be at the pick-up point right on time.

Post-Event Questionnaires with…Robots

Social robotics will also find its place in the meeting industry. According to Azavista, post-event questionnaires and evaluations might be substituted by robots that will collect participant feedback on the spot. “Blabdroids are a good example”, said Cassandra. According to a study endorsed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, people are more likely to engage emotionally with artificial intelligence than others. The robots are intended to be comforting and non-judgmental.

A Wearable Thermostat

Wristify is a bracelet that controls your body temperature using thermoelectric material and sensors. As a future scenario, Azavista predicts that these bracelets will be handed out to event attendees ensuring everyone is 100% comfortable and the temperature is managed according to their personal preferences.

Azavista presented these predictions at an EIBTM conference and published the Future of Events Press Release as well.