Fields Manager

Our solution enables you to plan and define all of the fields that can be used in one or across events, whether they are default fields or custom created ones. Not only you’ll be able to simplify your work but also you’ll be able to improve the organization of each one of your events.

Effortlessly create, define, and use any type of field that you require.

Manage your fields at an organizational level

Achieve consistency among your events by planning and creating all the necessary fields that will be used by your team for different events. At the organizational level, you can easily manage your fields or directly remove them when needed.

Create a variety of
field types

Enable maximum flexibility to your team by creating a variety of custom fields that can be used and linked to different parts of your event, such as emails, forms, activities, participants, and more. When you create a new field, you can choose the name, field type, and category that you want it to be in.

Manage your fields at an
event level

Optimize your work by using the already created fields, you just need to activate them when you need it or deactivate it when you don’t. At the event level, you can also add custom fields for a specific event and use templates with fields that are already set up.

Supporting companies of any type and size

Azavista can support the most demanding professional events in the world thanks to a suite of powerful tools.

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