Government Institutions

At Azavista we understand that planning an event for a city, state/region, and most especially a federal government agency can be full of requirements, policies, and processes that make compliance and approval tricky. The solution offers the ability to pick and choose which modules can support each planner’s specific needs to maximize efficiency, stay within budget, and get internal sign-off before executing your event.

Top Solution For Government Event Planners

Whether you are planning a large annual conference or a multi-office plenary session, Azavista provides flexible solutions based on your unique needs. The all-in-one event management platform enables Government event planners to create automated workflows that save time, facilitate bureaucratic processes, and offer the highest level of security for data share and storage.

  • Delegate the invitation and registration processes through our CRM integration and email marketing solution.
  • Manage all aspects of VIP guest delegates and speaker travel including airfare, visa allowances, hotel room reservations and boom blocking.
  • The Abstract Module supports a call for speaker abstracts as well as the ability to manage the submissions and set tasks amongst the review committee creating ease in the speaker selection process.
  • Have the ability to control or restrict session access based on pre-set security clearance allowances.
  • Includes an extensive reporting system that encourages learning and increase efficiencies and cost savings. 
  • Logistic Module can house all of approved vendors, creating a central location. 
  • The RFP manager can house and distribute the RFP to preferred vendors, track submissions, report to teammates and notify winner.
  • Use our website builder to create a custom landing page to support your public procurement campaign and encourage vendors to apply.
  • Create RFP submission registration forms with required fields ensuring that only qualifies candidates are able to pass through an initial screening process.
  • Utilize the budget module to control event or procurement spending with a real time dashboard and email notifications keeping planners up to date on total spend.
  • System and data security is compliant to ISO27001 and our platform is SOC-2 Certified.
  • Our web content builder can easily publish all disclaimers prior to the event or plenary session.
  • Manage sensitive content exchange on a secure and private cloud data storage system.
  • Upon registration, the workflow module is able to trigger custom reoccurring processes, tasks to support any compliance needs.
  • Our check-in app can capture signatures prior to event or session entry to include any NDA or terms and conditions compliance requirements.
  • Set up recurring event-types as customized templates to maximize time and be able to focus on event content and execution.
  • Utilize our Workflow module to automatically trigger set email responses, task assignments, and internal communication flow to increase department efficiency.
  • Offer a virtual module for international delegates to be able to join and can create reoccurring webinars or live streaming events easily.

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