Hotel, Room & Block Management

Effortlessly customize hotel allocations for groups of 10 to 2000 rooms with our system. Participants can choose their preferred hotel and room type during registration, while our system automatically updates your roomblock allocation for easy availability control. Plus, room-sharing activation is available for organizations with the policy. Simplify your allocation process with ease and efficiency!

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Manage Hotel Bookings. Keep Control Of The Availability.​



Saves time and effort in setting up group blocks, updating allocations, and keeping track of cancellations, resulting in a more efficient process for organizers.


Participant Experience

articipants enjoy a personalized and flexible experience with the ability to select their preferred hotel, room type, and dates, adding value to their overall experience.


Progress Tracking

Clear overviews and automatic allocation settings enable better decision-making and adjustments for smoother registration.


Cost Control

Real-time billing overviews and allocation adjustments allow for better cost control and savings.


Feature that you'll love!

Our Hotel and Roomblock Management Module is specifically suitable for events where you need to manage hotel group bookings for multi-days.

Setup Group Allocations

  • Set up group blocks with pre and post nights as per your contracted hotel
  • Add different room types, different contracted rates per night and update the allocation
  • Option to add the cancellation conditions so you can keep track of your cancellation periods and costs.
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Enable participants to select hotels

  • Arrival and departure date selection: Participants can choose dates that work best for them, improving their experience.

  • Room type selection: Participants can choose their preferred room type, leading to increased satisfaction.

  • Hotel selection flexibility: Participants can choose a specific hotel or category, providing a sense of control and helping organizers manage allocations effectively

Enable participants to select hotels-Azavista

Keep track of progress

  • Automated Allocation: Participants request rooms during registration, and allocation is automatic.

  • Clear Overview: Organizers have a clear view of available rooms per night and can adjust allocations easily.

  • Extra Rooms and Nights: Participants can pay for additional rooms and nights for added flexibility.

Keep track of progress-Azavista

Participant Room Sharing

Another unique feature of our module is the participant room-sharing feature. Some corporate and enterprise organizations have internal policies for room sharing between same-sex employees:

  • Allow participants to select a same-sex roommate, with approval from the chosen participant
  • Participants can select who they like the share with, the other participant can then approve this.
Participant Room Sharing-Azavista

Hotel billing and cost control

Our RoomBlock module allows you to control the hotel invoice for your group booking

  • Real-time billing overview, which can be easily shared with the respective hotel
  • Keep cost control if you notice that allocation can be decreased.
Hotel billing and cost control-Azavista

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