How hotels can increase their website traffic and revenueLearn how hotels can increase their website traffic and revenue

The level of traffic to a hotel’s website is an important statistic, as it reflects the amount of exposure the hotel is receiving, and how well it is competing for guests. More guests visiting the hotel’s website can lead directly to more guests booking at the hotel. Here are some tips on how hotels can increase their website traffic. This will help you grow your websites visitor count and ultimately your hotel revenue.

Efficient navigation is key

Create a site that is easy to navigate. Once a visitor comes across the site, they should be able to find what they are looking for quickly. If visitors have to search around the page to find important information such as location, rates, phone numbers, booking information, amenities and so on, then they may decide to leave and look at the competition instead. Place important links in expected places, such as a menu or sidebar.

Take pride in your corporate image

Build a website that looks professional and loads quickly. A high-quality, modern website reflects the image of the hotel, and instills confidence in visitors that the hotel is also a quality place to stay. Using professional and high-quality photographs to represent the hotel is vital, as images are often the first thing a visitor takes in upon opening the site. Optimizing the site for fast loading times will keep potential visitors from becoming impatient and leaving, and will also positively affect search engine rankings for the site.

Live Bookings

Nowadays more and more hotels offer the possibility for visitors to check availability and book a room directly through their website. Meet the current demands of both users and the market and make sure you offer an efficient booking interface on your hotel website.

Best price guarantee

Offer the best prices, deals, as well as exclusive offers on your hotel’s website. This gives visitors a reason to book directly through your website, rather than wander off to third-party booking sites.

Build backlinks

Build backlinks to the hotel’s site. This is a very important element for SEO optimization, than will boost your website ranking, credibility and ultimately drive more traffic. Some ways to achieve backlinks are through public relations, listing your property in business directories, gust blogging, social media and most importantly creating quality content.

Be social

Set up social media accounts for the hotel. Share quality and relevant information through your social media networks and use them as a key tool to engage and interact with potential customers. They are also a great means for customers to leave reviews and feedback. Collect and analyze this input on a frequent basis and use it in a constructive manner to improve amenities and services. Don’t forget to share all upcoming and current deals via these networks.

Highlight the pros

Focus on promoting the specific benefits of the hotel. Whether it’s proximity to an attraction, special amenities, history or some form of recognition as a hotel, allow that information to attract more visitors by using it in keywords and meta tags, creating blog posts about it or mentioning it on social networks.

Mobile friendly

More and more people are now exploring the web via mobile devices. so making the website mobile friendly is a key way to catch this traffic source. Make sure visitors can also book through your website straight from their smartphone! This mobile compatibility will also help your website’s SEO optimization.

Localize your website

You most probably have guests staying at your hotel from all around the world. Map out the top 5 countries of origin and localize your website in those respective languages. Offering versions of the site in some of the more popular languages used by guests can be a good way to welcome their visit. These potential guests may be searching for a hotel using their native language in a search engine, offering the site in these languages will give a competitive edge in search results.

Building the traffic of a hotel website is a process that takes time and dedication to building the site as a quality resource. The result of this however, is greater exposure and an overall high-quality representation of the hotel, that will lead to more bookings.