“Great Ideas Unless Properly Executed Are No Value.” Yes, it’s totally true.

A flawless event is the key part of any 10 rated event. Event planners, event producers, DMCs, are always on the search for something innovative and different that could make an event special and memorable. Most of the time, we search for the highest-rated entertainer, a unique venue, special effects or an exotic ambiance; we try to use the newest technology to impress the client sometimes with no clear plan or goal. Sure all of these details help to make an event special.

To create an outstanding program you need to deliver: 

  • Perfect Execution
  • Good Flow
  • Great Components

An exceptional experience is made by great components, good flow to pull all the components in a program together, and great attention to details to finalize and obtain a perfect execution. I believe a flawless event is what makes a program receive a rating of 10. You can have a ton of special effects, a super keynote speaker, a great venue, or incorporate new technology, something totally different and new, but… if overall your event had many hiccups, the result will not be as planned.

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If the event is running late, the program has too many changes; the directions are not clear; the AV system is not working perfectly or if the line to get lunch is too long… if the execution is not perfect, you are going to fail. As an event planner, your goal is to deliver flawless events. A 10 rated event begins and ends with flawless execution. If you want to be a true professional, you need to be able to deliver excellence under any circumstances; you need to be ready for anything and, as you know, during events there is always something that could happen or go wrong. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind if you want to create flawless events:

Plan Ahead

Start early on parts of your planning as much as you can. We are all busy with our many daily priorities, and we are often tempted to leave logistical work till the end without remembering how much time we need for simple things such as putting together a list, especially when we need to be free to run the entire event.

Do not micromanage

We cannot do everything, and becoming a control freak, just because we trust only ourselves does not result in a flawless event. We need to be able to deliver tasks and ask for help. Utilize an event management platform to handle event logistics like registrations, attendee management, and reporting, it will save you time and guarantee perfection. 

Triple check the Checklists

An event is made of many, many details and, like a puzzle, just when you put them together properly you obtain the perfect picture. Details make all the difference!

Create a plan B

As you well know, every event has issues or things that do not run smoothly or change at the last minute. Be ready to change plans at the last minute and be prepared to use your plan B. There is nothing worse than to hesitate when something happens and delay a change or even worse, make the wrong change.

But how can you be really sure that the event is running smoothly?

Are people busy enjoying the event? On-site, during show time, you need to be the best host, even behind the scenes. You need to have the best hospitality committee, and you need to look around and study your guests. If you spot someone who is not happy, has a problem or is just not well integrated with the group, ask a member of your committee to spend some time with them. With some attention to people’s attitudes, needs, and expectations, you can anticipate many possible issues and guarantee a perfect flow. Sometimes, you can even change a few things before that unfortunate situation becomes visible and creates a problem. You are always on the top of every single detail of the event.

And remember: try to enjoy your program; the event will pass in the blink of an eye!