Ideal Event Registration SoftwareLearn how to select the ideal event registration software

Selecting the right event registration tool is a key element for any event’s success. The tool will be used to create the event registration pages, as well as the event website. These pages are the first key interaction point potential attendees will encounter. Consequently, the features, ease-of-use and appearance of these pages, can directly affect sign-up numbers. This places a great deal of importance on getting the registration software right. Furthermore, event planners are called to manage incoming participant registrations and corresponding data in the most efficient way possible. Luckily, with modern advancements, technology can do wonders in this department. In this article, you will find out tips on how to select the ideal event registration software.

Features to Look for in Online Event Registration Software

With the plethora of event registration solutions out there, comparison shopping can be daunting. A first step towards the right direction is to clarify which features are a “must have” and which are simply “nice to have”. Having trouble deciding? Take a look at the top 10 features an event registration solution should have, according to a recent survey undertaken by the Event Manager Blog:

  1. Custom Registration Forms
  2. Reporting tools
  3. Send notifications and updates
  4. Online & Mobile ready
  5. Attendees Real-Time Data
  6. Clone Events
  7. Attendee Info Management
  8. Group Registration
  9. Multiple Price Options
  10. Multi-Session Registration

Here are our thoughts regarding the first 5 features….A custom registration form editor, gives the event planner full flexibility in creating a form that is both appealing as well as effective in collecting all necessary participant data. Tools like Azavista, offer a dynamic registration form interface, with drag and drop fields, the possibility to insert custom fields, adjust sequence, change languages, as well as insert plain text and images.

Once the registration data is collected, it has to be processed and used for event logistics. Reporting modules vary from platform to platform. Depending on the type of event, the planner may have different reporting requirements. Try and select a solution that offers both detailed, as well as high level reporting options. Some handy report outputs could include quantitative and qualitative analysis of participant registrations, overview of contracted supplier costs, management reporting, budget analysis, travel management reports etc.

As outlined in the list above, the ability to send out notifications and maintain communication with attendees in an easy and efficient way is of utmost importance. From converting invitees to registrants, keeping your participants up to date and increasing anticipation, your event registration software should give you the option to seamlessly communicate with all event participants at any time. Double check that you can send customized email templates too, with your logo and branding.

Nowadays, more and more people conduct business remotely through their smart-phones. Having an event registration tool that renders the registration pages mobile friendly is a must. Don’t loose registrations by not offering participants the option to register on the go!

Finally, an ideal event registration software that shows real time data of attendees allows you to handle inquirers, registrations and changes on the spot. Select a registration tool like Azavista that offers an intuitive event registration dashboard where you can monitor the progress of your event live, with a dynamic listing of registration statuses and quick access to participant data.

What Influences the Event Registration Software Selection?

Of course, the variety of features and modules are not the only elements to consider when making a software selection. The price is most definitely also a key factor. When deciding how much to invest in a tool you can outline your list of specifications and benchmark 4-5 different solutions that fit your initial specification listing. If you are charging for tickets be extra wary regarding the ticket purchasing fees and pay special attention to extra costs like server maintenance or extra fees that may incur if you surpass your registration estimate. Azavista offers an very low payment processing fee and charges only 3 euros per registration. Annual contracts also receive generous discounts.

Features, pricing, look and feel aside, there are a few basic steps to take before making a final decision. Test and play with the top software contenders to see for yourself how user friendly the systems are and which ones do in fact meet your list of requirements at a competitive price.