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How Azavista became a number one option for
InsingerGilissen Event management and Marketing team

InsingerGilissen is a leading private and custodian bank that offers surprising financial solutions and excellent service. The company emerged in 2017 from a merger between Insinger de Beaufort and Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers. Two private banks from Amsterdam with a rich history dating back to 1779 and 1881 respectively. Their mission is to guide clients and the generations after them in an effective and independent way of making important asset-related decisions.

The Challenge

Theodoor Gilissen was already using Azavista’s platform prior to the merger. The main goals for their events were to increase new client acquisition and improve client nurturing and management. They were very happy and satisfied with the Azavista solution and it was clear that the new event team that was being set up would continue to use Azavista to manage their events.

Azavista was certainly an improvement to the marketing and events team.

The challenge came after the merger was complete. The new event team had an incredibly short period of time to complete the onboarding and training of the platform while simultaneously managing their next event: IDFA (International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam) which took place on November 2017. The event took place over 2 days brought together around 300 participants each day.

The solution

InsingerGilissen together with our customer success team created a plan to start the training as soon as possible. Even though they were already busy organizing their upcoming event they were able to successfully run the event and fully utilize all elements of the software.

The main purpose of the platform is to help the event team to manage registrations and participants and check-in attendees onsite. Using Azavista they are able to set automated emails as well as easily manage the registrations that come in. Additionally, the platform provides participants with the ability to register on behalf of others and also have full access to the event program which they can enroll themselves on to with no extra action needed from the event planner.

“The experience with Azavista was very good, once you get to know the platform is very easy to use. It seems a lot of work at the beginning but once everything is set up, the work is pretty smooth. Including that the Customer Success team is great, patient, kind, attentive and very helpful.

– SUZETTE SANDERS, Event Planner

The results

“Azavista software helps us to save time and it makes participant and registration management extremely uncomplicated,” says Suzette. The check-in also brings them a professional feeling to their event and facilitates the life of participants as they can register themselves and on behalf of others.

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