Multi-lingual Registration Feature
There always is a buzz around a new product or a feature development when it comes to tech start-ups.
Azavista’s service offer is continuously growing and new features are developed daily to serve each client’s needs in the best possible way. Thanks to the hard work of our development team, we can proudly present the new multi-lingual event feature! We now offer event managers and corporate planners the possibility for their event participants to register in a variety of languages, simultaneously for each event.

What it entails

-The multilingual registration feature allows you to customize the event registration in the languages appropriate for your different participants. The new feature maintains the user-friendly outlook, ability to drag and drop sections and enter your chosen information per language.

-What’s more, the multilingual feature is developed in such a way that once the content per language is entered, it is saved and accessible whenever needed.

-Last but not least, it allows to send emails and replies to participants based on the language selected by the participant.

This allows you to target your audience in a more personalized way, make sure no errors occur due to a language barrier whilst registering, and improve the conversion rate of attendees. In other words, the multi-lingual registration feature allows you to not only improve your event ROI but also event experience for participants, as well as to organize multilingual events based on the data obtained from the participants registration.

Whilst for some event planners this might seem like an unnecessary extra feature, for governmental and international institutions as well as for certain businesses, it is a requirement to have the multilingual registration in place. We listened to the needs of our clients and responded quickly and are now industry leaders by developing the first all-in-one event management platform with a multilingual registration feature.
Mobile, flexible, efficient and now also language wise personalized. We already had our product available in different languages, but now we let the participants on the other side of the screens experience the benefits.

What’s new to come
Azavista is going to present new features more frequently. Information about new features will be announced in April.