Release of January 2018

The Azavista team has been working really hard on some new features. Check them below, right out of the oven!

Lock fields: admins can now lock fields that planners can’t deselect and/or modify (Learn more).

Merge tag for activities: use the new %activities_description% merge tag to offer participants a thorough description of your event program. It’s also possible to add a meeting room location for each activity. (Learn more).

Mass-delete: you can delete participants grouped by status or options-type fields (Learn more).

Update with spreadsheet: now you can update participant’s information by means of a spreadsheet (Learn more).


Rollout details:

The features are already available for your to try them out in the Azavista platform.


We want your feedback!

Let us know what you think. At Azavista we use customer feedback as both an indicator of how well or bad we did and, most importantly, as a compass for future improvements.