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China, Japan & US

How SOI Consortium is saving time and conquering independence using Azavista’s participant’s management

SOI (silicon-on-insulator) Industry Consortium is a non-profit organization with a mission to promote and support SOI-based technologies and approaches to SOI ecosystem, connect companies and entrepreneurs interested in this market and build up competitive platforms.

Part of their strategy is to develop a networking environment and provide educational seminars, workshops, and presentations for those interested in the SOI business and technology. Therefore, events are key elements that support them getting closer to their goal. They plan and run several events per year, in different countries around the world, including China, Japan, and the US, gathering around 150 – 300 people which are mostly high-level managers in the SOI business.

The Challenge

When managing a project that requires the cooperation of different teams, the process can slow down and several errors might happen along the way.

Prior to using Azavista, SOI was handling email and participants registrations through a tool developed by a company not specialized in event management, which led them to consume a lot of time to create website pages and registrations forms. Aside from that, the event management team were not fully independent as they needed help from other departments to have some tasks done.

“Using Azavista has meant that we are able to create specific event websites and registration forms without the need for professional help. By managing our registration process independently we have not only saved a huge amount of time but also means we can focus on the other elements of our events.”

– Iris Rith, Event Manager

The solution

When exploring different tools online trying to find a better solution for their participant’s management Iris found Azavista’s website and signed up for one of our webinars. Less than 30 days after and a few conversations with our sales and customer success team, the implementation of the platform was set up.

They participated in our video training which consists of a custom approach where specific videos are shared according to the client’s needs. Following up on the training, one of our customer success reps got in touch with them to check if there was any question not answered and to help on their first event set up.

Our registration and participant’s management solution is everything that SOI needed to save time and have the autonomy they were asking. Creating and publishing website pages can be done without the development or design team’s help thanks to our easy drag and drop editor. Our platform also offers a library of registration templates or you can create your own.

The results

Before Azavista, time management was a challenge for SOI event management team. Using our platform could help them improve time efficiency and now they can better manage their time and focus on what really matters: delivering a great experience to attendees.

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