Top event solutions for different business types

At Azavista, we understand the specific needs different business types may have. Our all-in-one event platform provides the ability to create impactful event experiences that generate real business results – whether it’s an enterprise, agency or SMB.

For Your Role

Event Planner

Improve the success rate at your events, trade shows, and conferences.

Marketing Professional

Stay compliant across all meetings and events you organize, improve visibility, mitigate risk and achieve your meeting objectives.


Leverage the power of events to grow your business, engage with the market and strengthen your team, while keeping those events aligned to your business outcomes.

For Your Business


Enterprise level companies use Azavista to ensure their event management platform is well integrated into their existing, often complex systems.


Our platform helps small and medium-size businesses automate their manual event-related processes - whether they have big, small or event one-man event time.


Azavista is the go-to solution for agencies looking to provide their clients with advanced event management software that can handle a variety of planners' needs.

For Your Industry

Pharma and Healthcare

Azavista delivers its event technology platform to the largest global pharmaceutical organizations.

Finance and Advisory

Our solutions not only will help your company have positive experiences during events but also it can increase business growth.


Whether is a product launch event or an annual user-conferences, we help you create a high-tech experience for attendees.


We have developed an integrated conference management solution that will help you take your most complex events to the next level.

Industrial Manufacturing

Be at the top of the industry with an event software that allows you to stand out from the competition and to have a better understanding of your customers.

Government Institutions

Government Institutions can trust Azavista’s platform to manage all types of events, from private reunions to big events, we have it covered.

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