Supplier Management​

Our solution simplifies the process of managing your own event suppliers.
As well as sourcing of new suppliers for your event and delivering
visibility into total spend.

Manage your own event suppliers. Find new ones.

Whether it’s a venue, catering, help or something else – you can source the best option while having more control over the time spent securing the right supplier.

Send RFPs to suppliers

With Azavista, access over 50,000 suppliers worldwide and send multiple requests with a click of a button. All incoming quotes appear in one easy overview.

Quotation requests

Communicate with suppliers by sending multiple requests and receive quotations to organize group accommodation, transport and more.


Receive offers and negotiate with your suppliers. Keep on top of any price fluctuations. Accept and sign contracts online. Track terms and conditions and get notified on payment deadlines.

For Suppliers: you can also add any requirements that you need from this organization. For example, you can specify you need 10 tables and 2 electrical outlets from or for this organization. Any requirement can also be accompanied by estimated or actual costs.

Supplier types


Our search engine provides access to 225,000 venues worldwide. Customize your search with filters based on your meeting needs.

Human resources

HR plays an essential role in conference planning by overseeing and supporting different aspects of an event. Our source of suppliers offers the option to find additional people to help you out during your next conference.


The planning of food and drinks of an event is a very important process, that’s why you have to carefully pick the catering service that will be serving your attendees during your conference, seminar, training session or any other type of event. With our search engine, you can find a supplier that can provide the right service for your specific needs.

Other: If you need to source other types of suppliers for your event, you can do it with our vast supplier’s sourcing solution. Just customize your search with the filters that you need and you’ll be able to easily start a booking process with your selected choice.

Why you need Azavista's Supplier Management solution

Track negotiated savings

Standardize company concessions

Maximize buying power by working with preferred brands and venues

Centralize planner intelligence on suppliers

Create core contract clauses

Trusted by the best in the business

We partner with the world’s leading brands to enable them to foster engagement and deeply connect with their attendees.

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