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Hotel eRFP Best Practices

by admin • November 7, 2013

Technology has undoubtedly facilitated the supplier sourcing process for travel and event planners around the world. Online eRFP platforms are widely accessible and enable planners to send out numerous requests and receive detailed offers in just a click of a button. Some of these platforms, like Azavista, are even offered completely free of charge. For […]

Incentive Travel: Locations closer to home

by admin • November 5, 2013

With the last quarter of 2013 coming to a close, trends in the incentive travel industry continue to be a hot topic to discuss. After all, many companies choose to send their employees on trips both during and after the holiday season as a reward for all of their hard work. Where is the incentive […]

Negotiating with Hotels

by admin • October 7, 2013

An essential characteristic in order to persuade someone toward your benefit, is to be or at least to appear knowledgeable around the subject. If you just know one side of the story, chances are your arguments will be full of deficiencies and easily challenged. So, before negotiating with hotels, do your homework. Find out what […]

5 Tips to Receive Decreased Hotel Rates

by admin • August 1, 2013

As a planner, your clients are often looking to save money and possibly cut corners. “Can you get a better rate at this hotel?” “Can we get a deal on this offer?” At a glance, it may seem difficult to keep your group travel planning cost effective. However, if you approach planning the right way, […]

The Best Wine Trip in Europe

by admin • July 8, 2013

In our previous Blog, we focused on the beer-loving members of your group. Now, it is time to outline a sophisticated wine-tasting tour in Europe. A wine trip even provides great opportunities to taste fantastic local cuisine, thus even the sulky beer drinkers will find something to enjoy. With such a long history of wine, […]

The Best Beer Trip in Europe

by admin • May 6, 2013

Dear travel and event planners, Your hard-working participants deserve some extra fun on their next trip. Therefore, we suggest you plan less museum visits, adventure-team building activities and sightseeing tours, and instead add more of something else: beer. Why, you ask, is beer better than any museum? The more places you visit, the more fun […]

Greece: This Year’s Top Destination for Groups & Meetings

by admin • May 6, 2013

Greece, with its traditional islands, long sandy beaches, exquisite landscapes and tantalizing cuisine, has always been one of the premier travel destinations in Europe. Now, forced by a crushing economic crisis to be more competitive, prices in the travel sector have dropped significantly, making the country an even more attractive choice. According to Trivago, Greek hotels […]

It’s The Christmas Market Season

by admin • December 12, 2012

The holiday season is quickly approaching; everyone is busy with their final preparations – shopping, presents and cards galore! Most companies are used to the fact that December is not the most productive time of the year. Even more are realising that, despite the cold, it’s a great time to arrange a rewarding city or […]