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6 Tips to Speed up the Contract Approval Process for Events

by admin • February 25, 2014

How to speed up the contract approval process for events Event planning and management is about details. One confusing and frustrating aspect can be dealing with the myriad of vendor contracts generated around an event. Dealing with supplier contracts for events like venue rentals, supplier services and hotels can be a complex and tedious process. […]

Is budget the new business travel consultant?

by admin • December 1, 2013

Ever since the credit crunch, businesses have been coming up with new ways of cutting operating costs and the new frugal trend quickly became evident in all industries, including the business travel sector. It seems that budget is the new business travel consultant. As companies slashed their budgets, business travel expenses were often among the […]

Hotel eRFP Best Practices

by admin • November 7, 2013

Technology has undoubtedly facilitated the supplier sourcing process for travel and event planners around the world. Online eRFP platforms are widely accessible and enable planners to send out numerous requests and receive detailed offers in just a click of a button. Some of these platforms, like Azavista, are even offered completely free of charge. For […]