Social proof for meetings and events

Whether it be the iPhone, Justin Bieber, or the Cronut it is no secret that when others see something that others are flocking to, they want to be a part of whatever it is. Like a moth fluttering towards the lone bulb in the night, people want to be around other people. Especially when they feel as though their not being in the same space means they are missing out on something big. Psychologists and leaders in business call this the social proof and this element can be used in meeting and event management.

Have you ever been out somewhere; at a shopping mall or on a main street somewhere; and seen a line which has formed and is not moving. Regardless where this line is leading to, the natural thing for observant people to do might be to ask, “what’s going on here?”. However some people, not wanting to seem ignorant or “out of the loop” might casually join the line without thought of any kind as to it’s reason for being.

Why is this? To put it simply…the best decisions are those that have already been taken

Have you happened to be looking for a product or a service and the first thing you do is check the reviews? Then, you proceed to check the official website that comfortingly says “over 50.000 happy customers” and has rotating logos of fortune 500 companies. You’re sold!

People are always more comfortable in taking decisions that other have already taken. Take these physiological factors into consideration when setting up an event website or registration page. Remember to outline how many people have already registered and emphasize the presence of influential attendees. Also, pointing out how many tickets are left (and that they are selling out fast), creates a heightened sense of urgency to act fast and attend the event.

The Ripple Effect

Another thing all meeting and event management professionals want to have is residual business. This is why every event should be approached with the same amount of intensity and verve. People want to believe that they are in the hippest, freshest event around. Getting them thinking about their next event and making a customer believe that they can have an even better event, make more of a splash and earn more prestige is great for all involved. When a stone hits the water the waves ripple outward. When planners have hosted meetings and events which really knock the cover off the ball they will begin to see the ripple effect residuals with all of the increase in business.

Doing the very best possible job is vital for meeting and event management professionals. Relying on standard behavior from fickle human beings isn’t a sure thing. Using the perpetuity proven in social effect though, can really allow business to take off and really begin to shine.