Tips when hiring a professional inspirational speaker for your event Tips when hiring a professional inspirational speaker for your event

One of the most important, if not the most important factor for the success of your event, is selecting the appropriate speaker. However, hiring a professional inspirational speaker can be disorienting. The process can be a bit unclear, and the fear of making mistakes pretty high. Let’s see some tips that can help you minimize or even avoid the most common mistakes.

Even if your content is superb, an inexperienced or mediocre speaker, wont do it any justice. Choose that speaker, who will enrich the content with his very presence and tone and assist you in ultimately reaching your objectives

So what is it that you are supposed to be looking for when it comes to a keynote speaker? There are a lot of different values to consider, and these are the most important:

Define your Objectives

What is the main goal of your conference? What do you want the attendees to feel or to do post event?  These objectives are tightly linked with your content creation and should be in line with the choice of the speaker.  For example, motivational speakers are better suited for pitching and increasing some of the intangibles in employees such as teamwork, whereas technical speakers can be more appropriate for educational sessions. Figure out which one you are looking for before the hiring process begins.

Know your audience

What are the demographics of the people that are going to be attending the event? What is their background? Analyze your audience and try and identify what speaker can engage with them in the best possible way.

Do your research

A high speakers fee does not always mean exceptional quality. Be meticulous and wary when choosing the speaker for your next event. In alignment with your event objectives, check the speaker’s qualifications, references, and video segments. Most professional inspirational speakers will have a personal website where you can access this information. If possible, set up a meeting with your prospect speaker. This should give you an idea of his/hers’ potential and speaking style.

Perfect the setup

Some keynote speakers feel more comfortable moving around the stage, whereas others  prefer to be completely stationary at a stand. Make sure that after you select the one that is going to be giving a keynote address, the setup is right for them. Having an energetic motivational speaker with no room to get around is definitely going to reduce the overall impact of his presentation.

As long as the homework is done properly, then finding a professional inspirational speaker isn’t all that difficult. Take the time to make sure you are getting the right one and your conference should be a hit among the attendees.

Speaker etiquette

1. Do not ask for the slides ahead of time (the best speakers are tweaking them on the plane until final touchdown)
2. Do not schedule keynotes during breakfast, lunch, or dinner — or right after lunch or dinner. If you’re paying for a keynote, don’t make it compete with food!
3. Do not insist that speakers modify their graphics to fit a particular event template
4. Book your speaker 2-3 months in advance
5. Create opportunities for interaction between your speakers and audience. Most speakers are gracious about talking with attendees knowing that this can make the event very special and memorable.