Tips for a successful conferenceA recipe for a successful conference

Conferences are what you make of them. These events can be engaging or boring, depending on your focus and networking skills. Check these tips for a successful conference. With some good research and a willingness to collaborate you can get great results out of them. People gather at conferences to share ideas, to pollinate new thinking and to grow their business. These events bring people together with the aim to drive collaboration and enrich business opportunities. Therefore, any time you go to a conference research it well before you go, if you are looking for a meaningful experience and a successful conference.

Do not waste time on doing the wrong things. Here is a list with the worst habits that people have when attending conferences.

1. Not understanding your goals

In order to get the most out of a conference, you need to understand why you are going and what your company is expecting from you. It is important to keep up to date with the news in the industry and to find out about new products or services, but it is always good to extend these objectives and find out how to improve your business by attending events. Successful conferences are a good catalyst for inspiration and can recharge your batteries after weeks spent only at the office.

2. Not having a plan

You have to be strategic about your time. It is always advisable to review the sessions of the conference and to choose them wisely. Follow your passions and go to the sessions that really interest you. Go to the sessions that you really want to attend having in mind that ‘less can actually be more’. If you do not go to all the sessions listed, you would have more time to meet other attendees and to bring value to your business. Take advantage of breaks, meals and social gatherings to be seen, heard and to listen to others. Successful conferences have great coffee breaks.

3. Not being on time

Most of the attendees are more open to discuss in the morning when they have coffee and croissants. It is preferable to have breakfast with a potential partner instead of arriving fashionably late. It is the best time to more easily find and approach key persons you want to talk to.

4. Networking with the wrong people

You do not have to network with everybody. For successful conferences, spot the key people that can benefit your business and try to reach out to them, do not be afraid to engage with presenters, as they are very good connectors. An important skill to remember is to connect with people able to help you and your connections. It’s better to make just a few solid business contacts, instead of collecting a bunch of business cards. Successful conferences lead to mutually-beneficial relationships.